Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Way of Da’wah.

Concerning the Issue of 'Masuk Islam, Masuk Melayu', it made me ponder further on how it affects the progress of da'wah here in Malaysia. Undeniably because of this issue many non-muslims especially Chinese are very reluctant to embrace Islam because they think that Islam is 100% Malay related, which is wrong by the way. But then again we can't really blame them because there are plenty of Malays out there who thinks this way too. The way we think and the way we act is in itself a form of da'wah.

I myself hate when people start to preach. It's long winded and boring. People especially teens no longer want to long preaches and sermons. Teens nowadays have mastered the art of blocking out things that they don't wanna hear. Do you ever wonder why Raihan was so successful when they first came into the entertainment industry? They managed to sell 750 000 copies of their album which no one other than a handful of other artist have managed to achieve. It's quite a feat considering that they were bringing messages of Islam in their songs and not crooning sappy love songs like all the other artists were doing. Why were they successful? Because they were different and they portrayed Islam in a positive light. Islam is not a religion that is based on fear and punishment but of peace. But there’s still people out there preaching about the punishments that you get for your sins. This method will only make people fear Islam and perhaps learn to resent it.

A certain lecturer of mine once commented on the methods used by these preachers. He's Canadian and a mu'allaf himself so he has seen the ways Christian preachers preach. Their way was a way of promoting love while the way of our people was one of criticism. We criticize people of their wrongdoings and ask them to repent. But seriously, who likes to be criticized? I am the type that the more people criticize my lifestyle the more I want to do it. To rebel on what is right. But I don't think I'd feel that way if I were approached nicely and was drawn to talk about the matter.

I just wish that there are people in Malaysia who’d talk about Islam liberally and try to see Islam in the perspective of the Non-Muslims and also of those trying to understand Islam. There are many born Muslims out there who want to understand Islam better but also hopes that Islam understands them.

"To lash out at the darkness is in vain, to fight it just light a candle!"

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