Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is sexual harassment, I tell you!

Please tell me that somehow you're sexually assaulted after reading this. Because I do. How could you not be when statements like "keras, kasar and panjang" (hard, rough, long) is written in bold on an ad for male virility. It's practically porn! And since I have to pass by this horrendous banner to-and fro work, I'm practically assaulted twice a day!!

What is it with Malaysian with horribly graphic and blatantly sexual advertisements? It's bad enough that we see these kind of ads plastered everywhere on buidings and street corners but we also have to endure these crass displays on TV too. The worst is probably the coffee advertisement with the genie as the mascot. And the one with M. Rajoli and wife in it. Even thinking about those ads simply make me cringe. Seriously, do Malaysians enjoy these vulgar promotions?

I'm just thanking God that I havent seen any ads for female virility. I shudder at the thought of what euphamisms they may use to describe the female anatomy. brrr...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Temporary Magic of a Shiny New Toy

The magic of shiny new things is simply irresistable. Once you get your hands on a shiny, new object freshly bought and smelling all nice your mind tends to be oblivious to everything else. Your heart swells with joy and for that moment in time your whole body is filled with satisfaction and you could ask for no more in life.

I am currrently under that spell. I am hypnotised by the mesmerising craft of the Lenovo S10 ideapad notebook.

*Smiling dazedly*

After my sister's persistant badgering, I finally consented to let her have my old trusty Compaq and move on to a smaller 10' model. As much as I loved the old lappie and was reluctant to let it go, it just makes sense to let Aimee have the Compaq since her needs are much more diverse. Plus I feel that since she's living in a 22-people dorm, those with itchy fingers will have a harder time running away with the bulky 14' inch Compaq (although Nauzubillah min zalik. Let's all pray that that wont ever happen). And that is how I ended up with my pristine white Lenovo.
Of all the colours in the world, white is probably one of my least favourite. Simply because with me, anything white turns into a dirt/ stain magnet. This goes way back to my schooling days. and is not limited to merely clothing. Give me anything at all that is white and trust me I can turn it multicolour (although the colours would primarily be within the brown family) within one hour. So I'm challenging myself with the Lenovo white. So far I've had it for more that 24 hours and I've managed to keep it white. Me so proud. So yeah I've still got all the plastic coverings on it, but the main point is I'm keeping it white right?

The Lenovo S10 in brief:

Genuine Windows XP Home
10' LCD Screen
160GB HD
2 year warranty (1 year International + 1 year Local)

And thanks to the Great Lenovo Mid-Year Promo I got a really good bargain. I spent RM200 below my anticipated budget and have all the laptop knick knacks that I needed. Yeay!

Major thanks to Ashraf for being there with me and prevented my shallow side from taking over. It must have been a major ordeal seeing as how I was more attracted to a laptop's attractiveness rather than its function. Fortunately the Lenovo is a combination of both function and looks. We were both appeased.

So while the glow of satisfaction is still strong, I'm happy to stay in my room, be a good girl, do all the work I'm supposed to do and ask for no more in life. Now let's see how long this feeling lasts.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthday Shoutouts!!

So the time has come again for two important people in my life to be reminded that time and gravity is a merciless b***h. *grin*

To Sheena, my dear dear friend,

No words can describe how important you are to me and how much I truly care about you so I wont even bother. So my message to you is simply 'Happy Birthday' and you are as precious to me as a blonde hair dye is to a bimbo. Sheens, I love you loads!

So you're 27 eh?

To Abe, my dear big brother,

We may not be as close as other siblings are but know that you are as important to me as water are to plants. Have a fantastic 29th year because before you know it you're going to be in your 30s.

OMG!! You're 29!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sheer Poetry

Waiting for Daylight

Ghosts from the past have long visited my dreams,
their rustlings reminiscent of empty winds through empty souls.
Through the years, I have made playmates of them.
Together, we have passed many a long hour,
waiting for daylight.
From the first hint of dusk,
until the darkest moment before dawn,
they are here with me.
Sometimes, I pretend to tell a joke,
they pretend to laugh,
and we all pretend that some false cheer
could somehow stop the darkness from overtaking us.
But as the night cloaks us in her thickest robes,
and the darkness comes alive around us,
our laughter stops.
Once again, my ghosts and I huddle together,
waiting for daylight.

~Leigh Ann Conselyea~


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