Sunday, July 31, 2005

Are people just waiting for an excuse to fight?

People in the world nowadays are just waiting for the slightest excuse to fight. Last time it was the 9/11 incident and war instantly broke out. Now with the London bombing incident racism issues are back on the rise. One bombing was bad enough but two... it's a miracle that any Muslim or any non caucasion person will ever set foot on British soil anytime soon.

I guess it has never been settled... just hushed down I guess. So since the bombing and all these Pakistanis have been arrested people think that's okay to just go round and kill people who were different than they are. Because of that one black guy has been murdered in broad daylight. It's just insane! What does most people say about this? Oh... it's just to be expected. Well it shouldn't be. Taking the lives of others is not a privilege that man was supposed to have. It is the right of God and God's alone.

People are full of violence now. You can see it in the things that we play with. Computer games designed for teens are all about killing or mutilating people and the gorier it is the more it sells. Take Counter strike for example... it's a game where you go round killing all the other opponents. What does that teach to teens?

In a way I'm glad I'm in Malaysia where tradition bounds most aspects of life. I dont know how I'll live in a country where it's normal for high schoolers to have guns and teens look and act older than they really are. But saying that... there are aspects of that nations that I'd definitely would love to adopt but tradition and customs would never allow these 'budaya kuning' to ever gain foot in Malaysia.

People live in fear and the more we don't know about something the more we fear it. But does that mean wo should kill those that we fear. What if that thing we fear was in fact a blessing and can be put into good use. Sometimes ignorance is bliss... but not at the expense of others.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Boredom grips even tighter...

My granny finally leaves. So that's one less burden of my shoulders. No more early morning to cook her breakfast, no more toiling away and wringing my brains trying to figure out what she wants to eat, No more running around doing her errands and most importantly... I have FREEDOM!

I can now go out whenever I want without the fear of her falling down or something. I can go out with friends or my sister or mama and we wont have to rush home to ensure that her food is ready by the time she wants to eat. Note- when she wants to eat, not when we usually have our meals, which means we can never predict when she wants to eat therefore we have to always stay home and be at her beck and call.

So she's in KL and now I can enjoy my vacation. Finally!

Then again... I am now faced with a new dilemma. What am I to do with all that free time? I've looked for a job and still I have no answer from any of the places I asked. No money so I cant zoom around town doing anything that I really want to do or buying anything that might take the bite out of this sheer boredom. *screams* I nead something to do!!!

Right now I am even happy to do my mom's schoolwork. YIPPEE!!! How exciting.

Enough with news of my boredom coz I can go on and on and on so on to happier news. Matt came down last Saturday as promised and everything was great. Had lunch at the house, chatted with the family (even with my granny), joked with Aimee and sampled my homemade pizza (which could've been perfect if I didn't run out of mozzarella cheese and had to make do with cheesedale instead). After lunch and a short rest we went to Coffeebeans for a drink and some much needed privacy. I really missed the guy but most of all I missed his company. I miss having a conversation that doesn't revolve round food, cleaning and house work. He kept me from going insane and for that the world whould thank him. Haha!

Although we weren't together during our 1 year anniversary so we thought of this as a post celebration. He was really sweet. Quite a big event for a guy who's never been in a relationship longer than several months. As for me I'm just happy that I'm with a guy who loves me for me. All I wish for now is for us to always be together.

Other than the cheesedale flaw on my pizza the day was perfect. *sigh* now I'm back to never knowing when I might see him next. That SUCKS!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Job hunting...

Went job hunting today. Even got myself an interview tomorrow. Never thought that it was kinda fun. I made loads of mistakes on each and everyone of my application though. o What the heck... It's only temporary. Just hope that TGV or MPH would call back tho. It'd be fun to work at those places. Two of my most favourite places in the world.

Other than that it was the usual fast food outlets. Nothing spectacular. There were plenty of vacancies but due to our ongoing racial prejudices and discriminations many of those opportunities were closed off to people like me. The MALAY and tudung wearing type. I dont see the significance of having a chinese sales assistant when the shop is open to all Malaysians no matter the race or religion. These people must have the phrase birds of a feather flocks together as their life's mantra or something.

So tomorrow is an interview with Kenny Rogers though as much as I want to hold out for my two choices I cant be picky. They may never even call. I just need some activities to do for the next 3-4 month and some cash to tide me over. Other than that I'm great (oh and not counting me being my grandma's nursemaid which sucks by the way since her so-called ailments are getting worse and worse).

Another thing to look forward to... My stranger coming down all the way from KL just to see me. It's really sweet of him since I know he's gonna be pooped by the time he gets back to uni that nite. 3 hour bus ride to and fro can still drain even the well-rested man. Knowing Matt... he'll probably stay up all Saturday nite playing games or sumthin. But still... can't wait to see him. I have the menu for lunch all lined up and all it needs is the actual execution of cooking. Yeehaa!

One good thing about being a nursemaid... I'm forced to buck up my cooking skills.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Nursemaid... refill my water bottle!!

God to think that I came back to turn myself into a nursemaid. *sigh* Well didn't I wish for something to do until November? Being a nursemaid to my hypocondriac grandma is certainly NOT one of them!

Yeah... yeah all you people are gonna say that she's old and she's sure to have some illness and disabilities here and there and I accept that but trust me at times you know she's exxagerating. She eats very well (rice 3 times a day mind you) for someone who claims to the doctors that she cant eat much because of stomach pains. And she certainly gets around a lot for someone who claims she's gonna drop dead any day now. The only troubling ailing disease I see right now is the fact that she's bored and typical of any bored person, you sleep a lot. But no... she tells the doctors that it is a serious disease and needs to be cured. So there I am in the clinic listening to her explaining to the doctor about one threatening disease after another and I cant say anything in case I offend her feelings.

As far as grandmas go she's not exactly the typical grandma figure that you see in movies or hear in stories but she's not exactly the cold, heartless grandma either. But she's definitely finicky and loves to complaint. And because of thet she's landed with us. Probably the only family that can tolerate her. Still she's managed to stir up some uptight feelings in my mom and my sis.

As for me I think it's best that I find a job as quickly as I can before I get fed up with her and end up hurting her feelings. She wont like it coz she'll be losing an ear to moan and groan to but hey... I think she'll live. I just need to get out of the house before I combust from utter boredom or from overeating. Oh did I mention that She refuses to eat unless someone eat with her. So if any of you see how I ballooned I am during the break. You'll know why.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Results are out. Everything is great. Working is a bore. UIA sucks. I have worked extra hours and there might be a chance that I'm not gonna get paid for them. so again UIA SUCKS!

Graduation is not as hyped up as it seems. Very anti climax. Truth is it's a bore. Have to find me a job if I dont to waste away while waiting for my next enrolment. BLEARGH! Life sucks at the moment.

I wanna go and watch War of the Worlds but don't wanna go alone. Too chicken maybe. Should I or shouldn't I? How pathetic am I? Where are my friends?!!

There's nothing on the net. Nothing to do. No money so no talk. Aarrghhh!!

So this is life according to a girl who's bored out of her wits. Someone just shoot me... PLEASE!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pay for your own place...

I dont care if people call me stingy or a scrooge but I just cant take it when people just expect I dont mind it when they come and stay in MY room for absolutely free while I have to fork out 60 bucks for a lousy two weeks stay. Do they think I'm a charity or something.

I'm a reasonable person and I dont mind my real roommate staying by since I'm using some of her stuff so all is fair but when other people are coming over then it is just too much. I may be able to tolerate 2-3 days stay but a whole weeks worth? FORGET IT! That's already 20 bucks worth in rent. All the bullshit that I'm working so I'll be able to pay is CRAP since these people are working too. Unless you're working for peanuts then fork out the cash for your bed and board.

But what really pisses me off is that I'm right here in front of the computer ranting and raving while in front of the very people that I'm pissed at I clam up. WHY! WHY? WHY?!


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