Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bad start?

A friend of mine had commented that I've had a really bad start this new year, come to think of it I may have. But, to me I wouldn't say that it was a bad start. Sure not everybody opens the year with 2 computers banging up but other than that my life has been pretty uneventful. In fact, it adds a litle excitement to my other wise typical and boring life. I mean all I do every single day is wake up, go to class, come back, do assignments and the internet is my best friend. Not exactly the kind of life I thought I'd lead once I'm a masters. My boyfriend is busy and most of my friends are all graduated so that just leaves me and the internet (which lets me down every once in a while- so I cant really depend on it to keep me company either). God I don't have a life!!!

Oh yeah, I just received news that my kitens were taken away by people. I dont know where to and I dont even want to contemplate. Luckily the mom (Maru) is still around so it's not too lonely. But the room is quieter now. I miss them trying to tear up everything in the room. *sob* My theory on their disappearance is that there's some people who are jealous that they dont want to play with them and want to play with me instead. So they call up these people just to spite me. Seriously what have they done to you? They dont poop and pee in your room, I've potty trained them to do it outside and they're not destructive (only to my stuff). *sigh* And to think I promised Sardines to my auntie. It's sad that they're gone but this has happened to me before. So I guess I'm a little immune.

So would I say that I've had a bad year so far? Well, maybe, but I dont want to dwell on the negative. It's just too depressing. It's so much better to concentrate on the better things to come. My computer is up and running. There's still a few snag I want to smooth out but it's not too major that it need immediate attention. And I'm flush again so no worries about money. I just cant wait for the semester to be over and have my well-deserved rest.

And the thought that after struggling for my Masters I shall someday have my own place and no one then can tell me what I should and shouldn't do (though I know mom is gonna try her hardest). Till that day comes... I shall toil away.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Just when you think things couldn't get any worse...

I've just had the most horrible, frustrating, hair-tearing, screaming-bloddy-murder week ever!! Till now I still want to scream bloody murder (SCREAMS IN FRUSTRATION).

Why can't Malaysia adopt US's stand that whenever it's the company's fault, at least pay a little compensation for the damage that's been caused. But NOOO... Malaysia's stance is to just apologize (with as little sincerity as possible) and hope you shove off and never mention this incident ever again. Well you picked the wrong person to mess with BITCH!

In a matter of 1 week my 2 computers have both exploded and fried by UIA due to their management system of complete ignorance of an oncoming problem until a tsunami of a problem hits them up their arses and send them into a panicked frenzy. How did UIA annihilate my computers? By letting me stay in a room that they knew had electrical problems but refuse to fix just because a former occupant was lazy to demand the room to be fixed. That and also the stupidity in thinking that UIA can never do any wrong, only the students. BULL-SHIT! My computers were working just fine and none of my electrical items were faulty. Still wanna blame it on me? Bring it on the? Check my stuff? I guarantee you that they're all A-OKAY. But what is most fucked up is the fact that they refuse to let me change rooms AND the fact that when the higher administration started to ask questions, they get all defensive and of course the blame would fall back on me. Seriously UIA sucks!!

And to think that I would learn to be careful around computers the next time round but no... I managed to actually pry off a letter from a laptop keyboard. And the funny thing is the laptop wasn't even mine. It was a loan from the place that I worked with coz they were sorry that I managed to get my computer blown to pieces! Call it bad luck? No, more like stupid dumbass carelessness. I mean what was I thinking? Be careful la wei!!

But still I feel that I need to stand up for myself though it's obvious that MOST of the blame is mine but it is not entirely my fault (denial is always good). I mean the computer won't just blow up by me plugging it in the socket now would it. Yes... that's what happened! I plugged the computer into the socket and BOOM! Smoke and fire came pouring out the back of the computer. Sob! Sob! My faithful little computer *sob* So for that incident I blame entirely to UIA. I mean why the hell was their voltage so high? Hello... most electrical items has a limit of 230V! But seriously, UIA needs to buck up! Where's the quality? You're supposed to be an international standard university!!

As for the second blow up... it was my new computer. *WAAAAA* That was entirely my fault. I was totally to blame. I was stupid and careless and I bear full responsibility (which cost me RM65). But still the incident was still because of the voltage. I was just stupid enough not to notice the Automatic voltage regulator turned off and went ahead and started the computer and to make a long story short... the power supply melted. Yeah... it actually sounded like ice-cream melting when put in a hot frying pan. The smoke smelled totally disgusting. Luckily this time the monitor (my new prized possesion- a 17" BenQ LCD monitor) did not blow up too. Hence my RM65 'melayang' just like that.

So whose fault is it? Mine and UIA's. For one UIA gave me a room which they knew was faulty in the first place. One of the socket wasn't working so I had to make do (ironing, boil water, recharge handphone, computer) all on one socket. See the probability of voltage overdose? Now you know why. Why they kept it a secret? Simple... all they wanted was MONEY!!

I've already lodged a complaint to the Quality Unit *nyahahaha* and you know what the college admin had the nerve to say? "How the hell did this reach the higher administration?" So... they wanted to keep it a secret. Hah! You're totally busted! (I feel like I've just uncovered a secret illegal organisation-Haha!) So anyhow that made them shake a little and my room change application was approved pronto. And it seems that they fixed up the socket during the weekend. People... people... people... if only you thought of this way earlier during the semester when I first lodged a complaint (I complained 3 times) and this whole messy incident wouldn't have happened. And you all would be blame free.

As for me... I have turned into this paranoid bitch everytime I have to use an electrical item in that room. I break out into a cold sweat and pray to god that nothing blows up. So far so good but I'm still paranoid. I'm definitely gonna change my room. I'm not crazy to actually stay in that room after all that has happened. I just hope they give me a room on the ground floor so I wouldnt have to lug all my stuff.

Oh yeah... u people might be wondering how the hell did I pry loose one of the letters of a laptop? Say thanks to Sardines the kitten. He literally wanted to chase the mouse on the screen and before I could stop him the letter E was off. After the whole computer incident the week before you can imagine the kind of reaction I had (totally berserk). Luckily it wasn't broken or anything. Just came off and by God's miracle I actually succeded in putting it back in all in one piece. phew!!

And to add icing to the cake... Maru actually got locked in my neighbour's room for 2 whole days. I went to the guard house 3 times and only managed to catch the guard at 10pm. I came back after the weekend at 2pm. What the hell were you guarding la? Even then he wouldn't let me open my neighbour's room although I know for a fact that the lady would definitely want me to release the poor cat. She's been stuck in there for 2 days. Imagine the MESS!! Who the hell is gonna clean it? Stupid guard. You know the irony, the next morning I managed to find another guard, female this time, and she immediately looked for a key and let the damn cat go. How simple was that?! Why lah you people need to make things so complicated? And afgter the whole incident has been told to my neighbour even she herself cursed the male guard. I mean come on!! That cat might've died.

I seriously think UIA is one of the best local uni in Malaysia but the attitude of the people here stinks. Big time. I don't think I can ever go through a week like this. I don't think I can handle all that stress. Aaarrrggghhh!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


It's a widespread phenomenon. A guy chases after girl, guy gets the girl, then guy takes the girl for granted coz he already got the girl. Typical scenario that most guys are aware off and yet keeps repeating throughout the duration of his life. Not once does he learn that the girl's feelings matter just as much as his.

Why do most guys expect that the girl would wait on/for him so patiently just because she's his girlfriend. I mean come on she has a life too. A life that she has so willingly altered to accomodate the guy's feelings. So you don't like her to go out with other guys then dont give her a chance to do just that. Don't expect girls to obediently stay in their room, waiting for the boyfriend to call and jumping at his every beck and call. This is the 21st century, girls like that no longer exist! Our world do not just exist around our so-called 'better' half. I know that guys out there will probably label me as a feminist after reading this blog. You know what, SO WHAT! I don't care if I am a feminist. If that's what it takes to get women be respected more then a feminist I shall be.

I don't understand why guys can't treat women with a little more respect and patience despite our so-called weaknesses (emotional and unpredictable). I'm not one to say that women are the epitome of perfection... heck, we women are a complicated bunch that we dont even understand ourselves let alone each other. But then again realise that men too have weaknesses and we bear with it. So why take us for granted and treat us like we're not important. In relationships, the hardest is not when you're trying to get the girl but trying to KEEP the girl. *sigh*

I know all blame shouldn't go to men. Despite my earlier claim that women who jumps at men's every whim is extinct...that's not true. There'll always be woman like that. But that doesn't mean that all women are like that AND that kind of women is NOT the model in which all other women should look up to.

So please... don't insult our intelligence. We have brains and we know how to use it. Keep neglecting us womenfolk, don't be suprised to find yourself alone and miserable looking at a photo of your ex-wife who's having the time of her life with her friends, other liberated women who managed to escape the clutches of men who just didn't learn how to appreciate.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Me Kittens!!

I've always been a cat lover. I think I was one even before I was born. That I have my dad to thank coz he was a cat lover too. There's a picture of me as a wee baby holding on to a cat. I can't help it... I think they're fantastic creatures. The Egyptians wouldn't have worshipped them if they weren't. They're so regal. I seriously wonder how can some people be afraid of cats. It's not like they're tigers or anything. OOooohhh... I want a tiger. A beautiful white bengal tiger for a pet. Yeah... dream on! Gotta make do with cats then.

Right now I am taking care of one sexy momma cat and 3 boisterous and extremely hyper active kittens who are way too large for their age. The mess is unbelieveable! (yes that includes doo doos and wee wees and cathair all over the room). But I'm used to it. Sure its icky but hey it comes with the job. It can't beat having them look at you with those beautifl eyes. I LOVE CATS!!

Momma's name is Maru (courtesy of Adry) and she's one protective momma. How can cats know to protect their kids at all costs and we human beings throw away babies just like that? Does that mean that we're lower than cats? Hmm... you know sometimes I think that most of us are.

And these are her three kittens whom Sarah managed to stop for a potrait. Usually these tykes would be running across the rooms that they're usually a blur. Sardines a boy while the other two are girls. Sardines has bad breath hence the name. Curly was supposed to be called Oinker but nah... she deserves something with a little more dignity. While the last is Tripod (no, she does not have 3 legs). Tripod is feline version of a dalmation and has 3 aligned spots on one side of her body hence the name.

Sardines the fatty cat with bad breath. Still thinking on how to brush his teeth.

Feline Dalmation

Curly in her Cute mode

Actually one of the reasons that I'm posting this is because they need good homes. There's only so much I can do for them. They have a home while I'm on campus but when I'm not they're gonna have a terrible time surviving since they're used to catfood handed to them whenever they're hungry. I can't take them home since I live all the way in Ipoh and have no transport to bring them back. They may be strays but they're well cared for and they're sweet creatures and I have managed to house train them to an extent so if there's anybody out there willing to take them just leave a message and I'll try to contact you. Maru can probably survive if left during the hols but the kittens will probably not. If there's anyone out there who can help please don't hesitate to contact me.

I don't know why I never learn. This has happened before and I still feel guilty for taking cats in and then abandoning them. I'm sooo sorry Momot, Boy, and Lucky. *sigh* I jut love cats too much...

Boy at the prime of his life

Whose fault is it?

Everybody's definition of a relationship is as unique as every other person in this planet. So I dont think one has the right to critisize another person's actions and what they do with their life. But you just cant help it sometimes? You just feel like shaking that person and saying what were you thinking!? Especially when that idiot just doesn't realise that it was their fault that the relationship ended.

Most people demand tolerance and understanding in from their loved ones but do they ever think whether they've been handing out the same things that they've been demanding? So when the relationship fails whose fault is it then? Sometimes it pisses me off that people are in denial of their own faults. It's like that Malay saying "You can spots germs from way across the sea and yet you dont see the elephant right in front of your nose."(translated)

I'm a believer that honesty is best when given at sparingly. There are things that are best not mentioned to anyone even those whom you claim is your soulmate. My philosophy: Sin of ommission is never as bad as sin of commission. But that's not the same as lying. Just for your own pleasure why would you lie to the people you love? The only thing it's gonna bring about is just hurt and mistrust. So why lie?

But hey... it's ur life so who am I to say anything. All he best to you mate!


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