Wednesday, December 29, 2004


The ELC AGM went really well despite the my very shitty day. I guess Everyone had fun and it did take my mind off things. And as usual BENL students shall always be associated with being loud. Sorry ye Pak Imam!

For everyone who's pic were taken that night by none other than myself the pics aren't ready yet. There's some technical probs at the host which I'm placing the pics so be patient ya. I'll inform you guys when it's all up.

Congrats to the new mainboard of ELC.

President - Farid Nazman

Vice - Yan

Treasurer - Nik

V. Treasurer - Dudy

I wonder who they'll pick as secretary? Anyways, I hope with the new team the club won't be as dead as it has been. Gambate ne!

Sao's band

Br. Shamsul enjoying himself

Shitty Day...

I just feel like shit right now. I'm humiliated. I'm embarassed. People think I'm weak. I think I'm weak. And I'm pissed.

Pissed at myself. Pissed at the BITCH for even daring to patronise me. But more so I'm really pissed at myself.

I vow this shall never happen again. I SHALL prove them wrong.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Conspiracy Theory!

Do you believe in conspiracy theory? No...? Well BELIEVE it! And it's happening right here in UIA.

There's rumours that the results for the Inter Mahallah Cultural Show was rigged. And the culprits were... GIRLS! Damn them for embarassing the female race! Damn them for making me LOSE! Damn them for making me look bad!

Sour grapes or not this is me talking. Ego or not this is me talking. Perasa or not this is me talking. I know that I should've won at least one of the top three spots. And an entry for drama doen by experienced members of theater club actually got second. Something is wrong... very wrong. When a judge comes up to you and admits it you know that you've got something dad on. When a committee comes to you and admits it you know that it's a conspiracy that's going on.

But what can you do about it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So this all goes away and everyone shall again witness the same conspiracy theory repeat itself in the yearsto come.


Friday, December 17, 2004

ELC's AGM, Post-Raya, Pre-New Year Gathering.

Hey beautiful people!

English Literature Club (ELC) will be organising their yearly AGM & Raya Gath this (hopefully) Tuesday, 28th December. Everyone including non BENL students are invited but it's compulsory for all BENL students since the future leaders of ELC will be elected (We all senior already-need to retire lor!).

There'll be food, entertainment, and fantastic people. There'll be a charge of RM4 but what's that compared to all the fun that you'll be having that night.

Tell your friends, better yet bring them along. Any enquiries just ask any of the ELC mainboards like Is, Fasyu, Farid, Kaled, SaO, Midge, Sheena and of course myself.

One more thing... attire is your Raya costumes. Look your best because who knows you might be picked as the King or Queen of the night.

Ciao People. See U at the Gathering!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

If things were put in our hands I bet that HS would be buzzing about the news of how 6 BENL girls beating up a LAW girl. The reason? She stole a script.

Sure it might sounds trivial but this is a matter of pride. For someone who's taking law she should know the meaning of copyright laws and of course understand the basic decency of asking whether that script will be used or not rather than taking the script and using it to get a name for herself. She should've thought twice about messing with us BENL girls. I thought law students should be meticulous and always checks up on a detail before making any moves on whatever info that they have. If not then they'd be horrible lawyers. It goes to show just how good that girl is gonna be someday. No offence for any law students out there.

It must have been one scene last night when the 6 of us confronted the girl for stealing our script. Imagine opening the door and seeing 6 girls all serious with various 'otai' poses (Ainul definitely no. 1 on the list-RESPECT). Come to think of it, it's rather hilarious. From my point of view that is. Although I was still blur of what was going on that night but I decided to hang around out of curiosity.

Luckily for the girl everything went well. The girl decided to give back the script and now has to revert back to their old lame script. What boggles me the most is that they planned to use a script which was meant for theater to do a pantomime. HELLO! Pantomime has no script. No dialogue. Just movement. So why use a drama script? Malas sangat!

Now it has become a personal challenge for all of us to actually win. Just to spite her. HeeHee! Sweet revenge. Like they say "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Saya suka kacau orang baik...

A reenactment of what happened Yesterday during the blackout.

Time: 8pm

ME: Eh, ko tahu tak something weird happened petang tadi.

FRIEND: Apa jadi?

ME: Tadi aku tido dekat-dekat time Maghrib. Tapi tidor-tidor ayam je coz nak bangun sembahyang. Kan orang tua-tua selalu kata jangan tido petang. Now baru aku tahu kenapa.

FRIEND: Kenapa?

ME: Tadi masa aku tido aku dengar pintu locker bilik aku kena bukak. Aku masa tu still tido lagi tapi lepas tu aku rasa cam ada orang dok kat tepi katil aku. Aku pon bangun nak tengok sapa. Tapi masa tu mata rasa cam berat sangat. Tak larat nak bunga. Aku cuma nampak satu bayang macam manusia kat katil aku tapi orang tu BESAR sangat!

FRIEND: Haaa??!!!

ME: Then dia tanya aku "Awak Shan kan? Nama awak Liana kan?" Masa tu aku rasa cam nak menjerit tapi tak boleh. Mulut aku rasa cam terkunci.

FRIEND: Pastu apa jadi? (Eyes are already wide with curiosity and fear)

ME: Aku takut so aku angguk je. Then dia cakap "Awak ni baik kan. Selalu belajar. Pandai. Saya ni suka kacau orang baik. Sebab saya benci tengok orang yang baik-baik ni."

FRIEND: Haaaaa!!! Takutnye. Pastu apa jadi? Apa ko buat?

ME: Aku dah berpeluh-peluh tapi aku dah nak histeria dah. Aku cepat cepat geleng kepala. Masa aku nak jawab ni pon suara keluar kecik je. "Tak! Tak! Saya Jahat. Selalu tinggal sembahyang. Selalu dating. Malas belajar. Saya ni jahat!" Tapi benda tu jawab " Tak... saya selalu tengok awak. Saya suka awak." (Friend's eyes look like it's gonna pop out.) Aku still geleng kepala sambil cakap "Tak! Tak!" And then suddenly aku teringat kat ko. I don't know why. Maybe because you were the last person I saw sebelum tidor kot.

FRIEND: Kenapa ko pikir pasal aku? Please say ko tak sebut nama aku! (Already pale with fear)
Me: Sorrylah. Aku dah tak tahu nak buat apa dah. Masa tu aku dah nak histeria dah. Aku cakap kat benda tu yang ko ni baik. Alim. Orang suka kawan ngan ko. Sorilah.

FRIEND: Alaaaaaa! Naper la ko sebut nama aku. Takut!! Pastu apa jadi?

ME: Pastu dia tanya lagi, "Budak tu? Yang ada kereta tu? Yang dok bilik sebalah ni?" Aku angguk je. Rasa cam nak pengsan dah masa tu. Dah la rasa bersalah nak mampos kat ko.

FRIEND: Memang patut pon. Pastu? Pastu?

ME: Pastu dia kata "Kalau dia... tak boleh. Saya tak boleh nak kacau dia." Aku tanya la kenapa. Then dia kata "Sebab... dia tu lah ketua saya." Teeheehee!!

FRIEND: Hah? Celaka ko! Ko kenakan aku ye! AAarrrggghhh!!!

*I suggest anyone who plans to play this prank on someone else make sure that she's not such a scaredy cat and good facial expression is a plus in making the prank more convincing. I would say I succeeded in making my friends geram at me coz I have a nice size pinch bruise to prove it. TeeHeeHee!*

At last...

I don't know how long I'm gonna bitch about blogger but I'm gonna keep bitching till blogger turns ok. WHY!? WHY? WHY must blogger be faulty now? Not at the time when I have no classes to go to and nothing much to do. Aaarrrgggh this is so frustrating.

I've found a new way to let out my frustrations now. By playing 'AMerican Idol'! Yeap, it's the same game that I deemed lame earlier on. Who could've thought that'll it'll be so much fun. I damn sure that last night plenty of asma' residents were in agony hearing me, and Yana singing at the top of our lungs to Gloria Gaynor's 'I will survive'. That song will definitely be the top and formost fave for any karaoke lovers. So why did I deem it lame before? I guess when singing comes into the picture and when done with friends... anything dumb can actually get interesting. Next time I'm gonna force Ika and Awin to belt out to one of the American Idol's tunes.

With all this free time that I'm having in-between anad after classes I've managed to catch up on some gossips and news from old and never ever forgotten friends. One of those people is KAled. It's been like forever since I last sat down in HS with him and really chatted. I've actually forgotten just how much I like the guy and how sweet he can be sometimes. Some people might point out that we're sharing classes and such but it's not the same like hanging out doing nothing in particular. I missed the times when I'd hang out with Kaled and Azman and occasionally the Boabarb (ugh!). But now everyone seems to have drifted apart. Or mellowed somewhat in their friendship. I even notice this in my friendship with Sheena. I still love her to bits though. It's just that it's not like what it used to be and in a way that saddens me.

Anyways back to Kaled, we chatted about stuff, life, class and whatnot when finally he revealed something that I've suspected for a while now. He still likes Deela. It shows in the way that he enquires about her and the way that they just can't get along together despite the fact that Deela is now happy with Is. I don't know what went on in their relationship but it's obvious that both suffered in one way or another. Which is such a shame really since we were all rather close before this. But what's done is done and you just have to move on with your life. But now I feel somewhat guilty for being all lovey dovey with Matt in front of him. Afterwards when he left he sent a message which really touched my heart.

"U know Shan, from da 1st person dat told me u hav feelings 4 him, until u old me urself just now dat u love him, I always pray dat u'll never feel grievience like I felt. Wish u all da best with him."

I wish that someday Kaled will find someone who'll be just right for him He's a nice guy and it sucks that he has to go through what he went through with Deela.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Woe is me...

I have failed in making my name in the one thing that I really like to do. I have failed to win for the best makeup category for Asma' open day. Waaaah! So sad. I lost to Kak Niza aka Hermia so at least I'm not too bothered. Matt was'nt making me feel any better. He says if Kak Niza was in the running then I'll never win. Humph! I'll show them.

Yeah... yeah... I know that I sound like a whiny shallow retard here but I was really hoping for that prize (althoug it was only a body lotion which I never use anyway). I guess what I really wanted was the recognition of my work. Makeup is a passion of mine. It's something that I love to do. But I guess I'm just not good enough yet to actually warrant a prize. *sigh*

But at least people were happy on how I mede up Kak As. She actually got third place in the Miss Asma' pageant. And the last Inter Mahallah Fashion Show the model that I made up won 2nd place. Perhaps the problem is just me. I can't do good makeup on myself. I can only do it on others. Hmm... definitely something to ponder about.

Another outcome of Asma' open day was food poisoning. Yeap I ended up with diarhorhea and nausea. Thank God I decided to 'puasa' if not I'll probably be weak from running to and fro the bathroom every few seconds. Even Deeja got it too so I know it was definitely the food served. That night well dressed ladies can prove to the world that they too can be rampaging hogs who go wild at the sight and smell of food especially if it's free. I wasn't in the mood to be part of the food rush (I'm definitely a lady, kan Matt?) so I only ended up with a plate of nasi himpit and kuah kacang while others were gorging away on barbequed chicken, hotdogs and mee sup. It wasn't a lucky night for me since the only thing I ate was what gave me food poisoning. 'Oh! Woe is me!'

But everything's cool. I can't wait for ELC's AGM slash post Raya bash. It'll be my last bash here in UIA so I hope it'll be as happening as it was last year. Gotta make way to the juniors now. Hope they do a good job at keeping ELC alive.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Dedicated especially to Ika and Awin

I have this two annoying cousins right beside me(as I'm writing this) yang dua-dua giler glamer nak mampos!!! Their request was to see their name in every sentence and after every full stop. What lah you guys!! This is what happens when three girls get together for the weekend and have nothing else to do. Before that we were occupied with this idiotic game "American Idol" in which I had the stupidity of buying. But then again this is wat you get if you do want to think and have it easy when playing a game.

Guess what they're doing now. Awin is giving Ika a back rub and if Ika's boyfriend could see hernow I don't know wether he'd die of laughter or embarassment. Thank god now they've calmd down and are watching (of all things!) Judge Dredd.

I'm in Cheras at the mo in the company of these two clowns coz mom is right here in KL for her 40 year high school reunion. Dayyum! I wonder how they're all feeling. One of the programmes lined up is a photo viewing of them in the old days. The days when mini skirts were the in thin and nobody wouldn't be caught dead in a tudung. The 'Jahil' days as my mom called them. If you were to look at her now you'd never believe that she has ever worn a tube top and a micro mini.

Neways I'm kinda frustrated coz PC fair is on and yet I have absolutely no money at all to buy stuff that I want which is a DVD drive. Prices were at rock bottom and I hate the fact that I can't take advantage of it. Aaarrrggghhh! When is UIA gonna give us our money. I NEEDMY MONEY!!! Please god... let D. Nora call me back to work on Quality Quest. I really need the extra cash.

If any of you guys plan towatch Rhinocerous... I just wanna warn you guys that that play is morbid. No other word can describe it better than that. Imagine a world where all of mankind turned to rhinocerous (hence the title of the play, duh!). Sheena and Azreen actually got headaches affter the show coz they wer thinking too hard. As for me...I was watching the play but my mind was only 80% on the play but the other 20% was busy concentrating on Matt. He was GORGEOUS that night in a shirt and tie. Not too mention smelling divine. I think I should ban him from wearing a shirt and tie in front of me from now on. But back tothe play, overall it was a good play.Good acting although there were technical slipups that pro actors should not be doing at all. But the acting was good. In fact they were so into their characters that one of the set nearly fell. Shep being the stage manager was frantic in case that thing really fell.Now that's something to see. Imagine the set toppling down on a performanc night. The theater production will never live it down.

This is a long update since I haven't been able to log on in UIA at all. UIA server sucks. It is the epitome of slowness. I'm frustrated that I can't log on often but I have too much free time on my hands and plenty of thing to write about.*Sigh* I guess I have to be conent that at least UIA have internet. If not I'll surely die!

Anyways, it's already 4.30am and I'm pooped. Those two girls really wore me out not too mention a whole afternoon of playing with Ciku. That boy is gonna grow up and break a lot of girl's hearts. He'sgetting more and more handsome by the day and he's only a year and 5 months old. May god save the female KL population!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Fix the problem damn it!

Blogger is still having problems with their systems and its taking them ages to get these thing fixed. Fix the problem damn it! I need my release in blogs!!

Today was the first day of the infamous DESKTOP COMPUTING class. Yeap... with the boy crazy lecturer. Again she showed to the world her preference towards boys by asking us girls to drop the class. Come on Lady! By saying that only boys are good in graphic design you're definitely sending us women back to the stone age. It's not that I'm a feminist or anything but girls nowadays are as good as boys in most things and even better than boys in other things. But with that way of thinking that lecturer should be transported back to the stone age. I was selected as the assistant class rep by the way. I dunno why I always get myself into these predicaments.

Besides the lecturer the class was definitely as cool as I had expected it. This is the first class that really challenges me and somehow I am now more intent than ever to score. No matter what that psycho lecturer says. I just wish I don't have to lug the laptop around to class because it is so damn heavy. I'd better find a way to lighten the load. If not by the end of the semster my shoulder would be at my waists.

I kinda pity the other students who are looking for textbooks for the class though. They definitely wont find anymore books at the library after this. I think they're all checked out after Da'oh took out 18 books. Just because of that psycho lecturer. I seriously think that Kaleds idea about writing that book is something to ponder about.

Tonight is theater club AGM so I wonder how that is gonna turn out. I hope Apek steps down. Tasnim should be the president because he shows more enthusiasm in it than Apek does. Oh well... I'm graduating so I know I won't be getting any posts. I'm content by just being the makeup artist. Which reminds me, I'm the official makeup artist for Asma in the Inter Mahallah Cultural Week. Woohooo! That'll definitely be fun. I can't wait.

Friday, December 03, 2004


I don't know what's happening to blogger account but this is the first time that I managed to actually get to post something after days of trying. So at last!!!

Just as I had predicted the first few days of classes was uneventful so I decided to make it eventful by going out. I guess I wasn't the only one with the same agenda as the public transportations going in and out of UIA were jam packed with students. I guess business was really slow for them during the break so now they have to work overtime.

You know it's really ironic that most people would use the time at home to groom themselves and and keep their appearance in tip top condition (excluding their weight because a whole month of lounging at home is definitely an invitation for extra weight gain:P) but in my case is the definite opposite. So here I am in the first few days of class and my eyebrows are all bushy, zits all over my face, weight gain (that goes without mention) and dry, cracked lips. In short I looked horrible!

So the first thing I had to take care off was definitely my eyebrows. It was taking over my entire face. So off I go to Bangsar with Azreen for our threading session. For those people who has never done threading, FYI it CAN hurt. So there I was at the mercy of the threader lady (is this right?) just to get myself a pair of neat even eyebrows. After the session was also a whole day of red, sore and swollen eyelids. But the results was definitely worth it. As for the rest of my grooming regiment, it was all done in the confines of my room and shall not be disclosed here;P

With my looks taken care off (Geez I sound so shallow here) the next thing on my agenda was of course hanging out with Matt. Although I hung out with him in Alor Setar but that doesn't count because family was present. And talking about family, I only told one person about my trip to Alor Setar and the next thing I know the news has spread and people were congratulating me about meeting the approval of Matt's parent (And NO... I didn't go to Matt's house for the approval of his parents, it was only a courtesy visit.) News do travel fast. Anyways back to hanging out... apparently a lot of couples had the same agenda too as HS was full of couples unleashing their month long deprivation of each other. I qoute Azhan Hadi "A month without seeing Aini (the girlfriend) is like a year..." AWWW! Isn't that so MUSHY!! Sweet but mushy.

It was kinda cool seeing the gang again as well seeing all the new faces joining the crowd. The new juniors are hard to miss what with their fresh, boyish faces and the girls going round with theri white tudung and matric cards. So skema. But from what I've seen the new BENL juniors seems okay so I'm looking forward to see how they're gonna turn out.

As for my classes... some has started while some havent. The ones that has started was all the tough classes. MSL, World Lit, Editing and Desktop (that seems to be bulk of my classes for the semester. Yikes!) One incident that I shall never forget is my war with the lecturer and the Communications department just so that I can stay in the Desktop computing class.

One thing that I do not understand is that did the department opened a class that only wanted 25 student max, for 50 openeing when they knew way earlier that there was only computers that can support 14 students. So now they have over students in the class so they automatically decided to delete the names of students that they think shouldn't take the class. That was so unfair. Now that was the decision of the department but the lecturer was a different matter altogether. A lot of students were determined to stay in the class so to discouraged students she actually threatened us to drop the class. She even ensured us that 80% of the class would get a 'C'. An who does she want to stay in that class? Boys! So 'GATAL'! Even for rescheduling the class she refuses to shift the class to 8am just because she says guys 'susah nak bangun'! The majority of the class are girls and all of the girls and even the boys can make it to the 8am session but no... she has to follow the boys. What is this lecturer up to? You want a class full of boys then you could always teach an all boys high school. I'm just glad that after all the hassle my name was mantained in the class list. So now I have to prepare myself to be taught under alecturer who is biased and determined to make as many of her student's lives as miserable as possible. I actually wondered is all my effort to stay in that class worth it? I hope so. Kaled suggested I write a novel about my experiences in that class after I graduate and call it 'The Survivor'. Come to think about it... it may be a good idea. I'll publish the book, dedicate it to her and send her one complimentary copy with my signature on it. Hahaha! I wonder what she'll say about that. I'll defnitely post more stuff about her and the class in the future.

So for this semester some classes would definitely be a challenge for me to score. I guess I'll just have to buck up and double my effort. Wish me luck!!


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