Thursday, November 04, 2004

Period Pain is a Bitch!

My period came today thus dashing my hopes of actually making it through Ramadhan period-free. It's kinda weird actually why it came now since my last cycle came right before puasa start. Anyways this isn't something I should talk about in public. Hehe!

But period pain is a bitch. I haven't had cramps for a while now and when it comes it attacks with a vengeance. Me groaning and moaning in a fetal position is not a pretty sight to see. Even now even with the pain less intense as before it's still uncomfortable and there's nothing you can do to actually ease it. Unless you knock yourself out with a painkiller and all is well. However I'm not one of those people who like to indulge in painkillers. I believe pain makes a person tougher. So as long as I can still bear it I'll lay off the painkiller.

Guys seem to love to make fun of girls whenever girls have cramps. That is a mystery that'll stay unsolved. I remember once a few guy friends of mine were making fun of me while I was having cramps while waiting for the next class. They were just not convinced that cramps can be that painful. Seriously it's one thing to make fun of girls when they're okay but it's another when they’re having cramps. All I said was "Why don’t you go take a garden fork, skewer it in your groin and turn it 360degrees for a full 24 hours. Then tell me whether it’s that painful or not." Raging hormones and girl power shut them up instantly. I guess I kinda made my point.

Ever watched the movie 'The Astronaut's Wife' where the astronaut's body (Johnny Depp) was taken over by an alien and it wanted to do was reproduce so that it can take over the world. The wife (Charlize Theron) soon became suspicious but in the end she was the one taken over by the alien. Quite a cool movie and Johnny Depp *sigh* is as delicious as always. Anyways there was a scene in that movie where the wife had a dream that she saw her baby holding up her bloody uterus, a signal that something was wrong with her baby. That is exactly how I feel when I get cramps. I feel like ripping my uterus out so that I won’t feel the pain.

I'm just glad that tomorrow (hopefully) all of this will be over. And also while everyone is holding themselves back from eating and drinking I'll be free to eat and drink whenever I like. Muahahah! But nah… I'll follow along. It won't be fair on my sisters. Perhaps a drink or two is okay :P

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