Friday, September 12, 2008

Help Me!!

I think I've witnessed and experienced more drama in the last 2 weeks to last me an entire lifetime. What is it with people and their need to save so much money that they're willing to forgo comfort and a little bit of privacy just to live like sardines crammed in a can. *sigh*

And now because of the vast majority that feels this way... I now have to endure living like this for god knows how long.
Somebody... please have mercy on me and save me from this fate...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Japan Goodies (pt 1)

Snail Mail!! And big packages at that! I LOVE snail mail! In this day and age of digital technology and electronics snail mail is getting more and more obscure. But me being a firm believer of handwritten letters and stamps still stick to the traditional way of communication. In fact, I still have a snail mail pen pal from Germany who has been communicating with me for the past 12 years. But I'm digressing here... after days of worrying and fretting over the apartment issues it was fantastic to see a huge package delivered to us from our sister in Japan. Aah... the perks of having a sibling overseas. LoL

So here are the few titbits that she gave us. Some figurines of Japanese characters. Most of them were figures of couples in wedding garbs but I especially like this one. It's of a cat eating a watermelon while cooling itself in front of a fan. All the figurines are adorable and they all come with their own backdrop which is pretty cool. I just wished that I could read the kanji descriptions of the figurines to actually figure out what they're all about.

My sis sent loads of stuff but they're mostly the same things to be distributed to the rest of the family. Mum got herself a genuine handmade Japanese teapot made by the mother of one of my sister's friends. And also a handmade cup that she made herself. I must say that my sister has talent in pottery making.

Other stuff included were little knick knacks like keychain and a handpainted Japanese fan and some plush toys for the kiddies. But according to Yuni that's not all that she sent. Apparently there's another box that's coming our way! Yippee!! Yuni is certainly making us love her more and more ;P So once the second boz has arrived I shall commence with Japan goodies part 2 (",)V

Monday, September 08, 2008

I miss you dear sister...

I think she looks just like the Japanese kiddies

This is truly a cliched shot but beautiful nonetheless.

It's been a little over 5 months since my younger sister Yuni stepped unto the plane and headed for the country of the setting sun, Japan. For the next 3 years she'll be a resident of Tokyo, pursuing a Master's degree in Japanese-English Translation.

Nothing can describe how proud I am of my little sister and how much I, surprisingly, miss her. I say suprisingly coz whenever we got together there was always some sort of argument or another. We were like water and oil... as much as you try to mix us up we can never mesh. Safe to say that to avoid arguments we tend to keep out of each other's way.

Seems like distance has brought us closer. We now talk regularly through YM and exchange news and pictures at regular intervals. Once in a while we'll get cool packages with the Japanese postmarks. And once in awhile we'll pack a box of goodies and send them her way. A far cry from the relationship that we used to have when we were living in the same house. But I believe that the change that distance has brought to our relationship will be permanent and I look forward to having my sister back here, together with me in the same country.

Ramadhan is here and for the second time in my life another member of the family is missing. But thank god this time the absence is only temporary. Looking at my mum happily planning our 'buka puasa' menu I suddenly realise that she is missing having her kids all together. Somehow I see the significance of us eating together at the same table for all our meals. It makes my heart ache to have to move out to start my own life but I know that I can't postpone the inevitable any longer. I need to move on to the next phase of my life.

But back to my dear sister Yuni, we're glad that she is safe and sound and having fun living in a strange land. Ramadhan without her is strange but it must be much harder for her to fast when no one around you is not. To prepare your 'buka puasa' dish on your own and eating alone is truly a sad thing indeed but I'm hoping that she is coping with what her oversea student identity entails. For sure it's gonna be hard for all of us come Syawal but thank goodness for digital technology. For now, we'll have to make do with pictures and videos as a substitute of what we are missing.

So here's a shout out to my dear sister Yuni, who's all the way in Tokyo. We all miss you... and we're always thinking about you!! Selamat Berpuasa!!

Glad to know my lil sis is having fun :)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


As you all can probably tell from my last post I got screwed over by some girls so now I'm in dire need of new housemates. I found myself another apartment in the same apartment complex so if anybody is looking for a place to live then maybe this is the place for you.

Brand New Condo Putra villa ~Good location~

*Master room & Middle room available

*water heater, k.cabinet, fan

*Near IIUM , TAR College

*near Terminal Putra LRT station (5 min walking distance)

*Bus service to Genting highland

*swimming pool, Gym Room, Mini Market, restaurant

*24 hours security

*Parking available

*rental Master room RM550, Middle room RM 450 (both rooms can comfortably fit 2 people)

*available for October

I've personally seen the place and its great. Its spacious and the environment is great. You can also save up a lot on transport too if you're work place is close by any Putra LRT station. If you're interested then do contact me via email I dont feel right letting the whole world know my mobile number ;)

When it rains... it pours!

Talk about being screwed... I got it big time today! And not the sexual kind either.

In a matter of an hour I lost potential housemates, a place to live and now my well-organised living plan for the rest of the year due to some selfish bitches who just couldn't make up their minds! Screw the fact that its fasting month... I'm pissed!! Pissed at the owner for wanting an extra rm100 for some lousy fans and some kitchen cabinets. But more so pissed at these selfish bitches for wanting to hold on to a prime apartment even though they're still not sure if they even wanna live there!

Gawd!! F*** you people!! Hope you die and rot in that apartment.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Ramadhan... a month of "excesses"?

Welcome O' holy month of Ramadhan. A month of goodwill and blessing. Of peace and serenity and of freedom and abstinence. The last bit was a bit contradictory there but its true nonetheless. For a whole month all Muslims and believers are free from the evil clutches of the devil and any naughty doings or bad deeds are blameable to no other but yourself. But we ain't totally free. No no no no no... it is throughout this holy month of Ramadhan that we Muslims are given our biggest test. Abstinence of spending. Yeap thats right... every year during Ramadhan Malaysian Muslims are guilty of overspending. Temptation proves itself to be powerful thing indeed and it comes in many shapes and sizes. But througout Ramadhan its ultimate guise is the Ramadhan Bazaar.

Although... in a way fasting folks actually dont stand a chance against the irresistable pull of the bazaar. I mean how can a hungry person withstand the allure of all that food. Especially those exotic cuisines that seems to be synonymous with Ramadhan and Hari Raya like the 'bubur lambuk' and 'rendang'. Suddenly there goes your will power and you NEED to buy that tasty titbit and that mouthwatering snack. Come Maghrib you wonder how your stomach is gonna fit all that food. tsk... tsk... tsk... thats temptation for you.

Temptation does not limit itself to merely the consumers. Lets talk about the businessmen. Why is it all of a sudden the price of a measly fried chicken shoots up from rm2 per piece to rm3? The chicken piece doesn't seem to be any bigger... nor is the recipe any different. What's that you say? Oil prices went up? But didn't it go down again just a few weeks back? hmm... curiouser and curiouser. Moving along to the next stall the mystery deepens. The prices are the same, yet the meal looks like it has been cut in half. tsk... tsk... tsk... how much of a profit margin are we talking about here?

Closer and closer to Syawal temptation's magic grow steadily stronger. Malls are bursting at the seams with people and somehow everyone and everything seems to be spanking new. New clothes, new curtains, new car, new furniture... the list goes on.

Somehow all these "excesses" seem to be part and parcel of Ramadhan and Hari Raya. It's the Malaysian culture, take that away then Ramadhan and Hari Raya will never be the same. So out with the "excesses"? I say nah! Coz the fun part is after Hari Raya itself. Look around and you'll see the true drama actually beginning. So stay tuned for the aftermath of raya. The drama of widening girths and thinning finances". It should be one heck of a show ;)


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