Saturday, November 06, 2004

A day of stuffing myself...

Today was quite an experience for me. Today I had a hand at making apple pie and lasagna! Definitely something that I'm proud of because they came out just right albeit both were a little salty. But I blame that on it being my first time trying to make those two dishes. And besides saltiness was easily remedied. The apple pie just needed a little vanilla ice cream and voila... apple pie ala mode. YUM! The Lasagna just had to make do how it was but I don't see any of my family complaining so I'm proud of myself today.

So today was officially a day of stuffing myself. It was like the lasagna and the apple pie was both taking turns beckoning me to eat them. But I have to be STRONG! Puasa is for you to lose weight not gain them. Well... it's not my fault that I had too much time on my hands and decided to cook all my favourite food. I blame it on IIU's schedule! (It's ironic that when we're having too muvh time in vacation we're complaining that we're bored but when we're in campus we just can't wait to get back home.)

So to kill time I experimented with cooking, turned the house upside down with cleaning, practically grew roots in front of the telly and the computer, annoyed both my sisters endlessly and still working on my mom, hmm... so what else should I do? Seriously I've exhausted all ideas on how to fill up my spare time. This is getting to be a challenge for me every semester. I think that everytime before semester break I should collect stuff for me to do at home as well plan ahead on activities that I could do at home. But then I'd probably do them during the first week I'm back and then the cycle just goes on and on and on and on.

So to anyone out there... if you have any ideas on what I could do... PLEASE just tell me. I need help!

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