Monday, September 28, 2009

Demon kickin' Cain and Abel

My favourite horny, witty, sarcasm spewing, ass kickin' brother is back y'all (in case you didn't know who I'm talking about, it's Dean Winchester, people.). Supernatural season 5 finally airs. I've finished downloading the first three episodes and boy do I LOVE this show. How could you not when you have lines like these...

Angel: Because you're chosen! It's a great honour Dean.

Dean: Oh yeah... life as an Angel condom. That's real fun.

Bwahahaha! Dean's line is precious. The line stayed in my head as soon as I heard it. I bow down to scriptwriter's wit and creativity. Plus the whole new approach to the whole Cain and Abel legend is superb. So with the whole Cain and Abel/ good vs. evil theme going-on you can probably guess that the brothers will probably end up in a death match at the end of the season. And if the writers were to follow the Cain and Abel legend where Cain, the evil one, kills Abel, the good guy, it means that Sam will kill Dean.


But I don't know. Will TV actually wanna go with the evil triumphing concept? Hmm...

Season 5 marks the end of Supernatural. A little sad that I wont be able to watch the Winchesters brothers kick demon ass anymore but I guess it is better to actually pull the plug before they pull it for you. You know, when the ratings are still good. I just hope that TV will have something great to offer to help me fill the void once the season ends. But for now, go kick angel's butts, Dean!! Oh and demon's asses too. Oh heck, just go kill them all.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Aidilfitri menjelma lagi..

Lemah lembut tuan puteri
Berkain cindai cantik dipandang
Meriah menyambut Aidilfitri
Sahabat handai datang bertandang

Udara dingin hening pagi
Tabuh bising mulakan hari
Aidilfitri menjelma lagi
Masing-masing pakai berseri

Tanpa mengira miskin kaya
Pangkat kedudukan hamba shaya
Sama-sama menyambut raya
Maaf-maafan dihari bahagia

Aidilfitri hari kemenangan
Kejayaan menempuh halangan
Mengenali erti kesenangan
Bagi mereka yang kekurangan

Aidilfitri hari kemaafan
Menghapus kesalahan sesama insan
Memupuk perpaduan sesama ehsan
Mengikat tali keakrapan

Saidina Affan menyusun kata
Tutur peri yang aulia
Maaf-bermaafan sesama kita
Di Aidilfitri yang mulia

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Music, When Soft Voices Die...

1958 - 2009

1952 - 2009

Music, When Soft Voices Die
by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory,
Odours, when sweet violets sicken,
Live within the sense they quicken.

Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,
Are heaped for the beloved's bed;
And so thy thoughts, when thou art gone,
Love itself shall slumber on.

1958 - 2009

1969 - 2009

O Allah! Forgive our living and our dead, those who are with us and those who are absent, our young and our old, our men and our women. O Allah! Whomever you keep alive from us keep him alive on Islam, and whomever you take away from us, take him as a believer. O Allah! Do not leave us bereft of his good and do not send us astray after them.
[Ibn Majah 1:480, Ahmad 2:368]

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

And music shall feed you...

Dear Random Acts Kuala Lumpur, try doing this and see how the Malaysian McD crew will react. My bet is that all of them will go all shy shy cat and start giggling non-stop. But who knows maybe there'll be a sporting one like the lady in the vid.

Info: This is a video from Family Life Education Pasefika (FLEP). FLEP is a pacific health organisation based in Auckland, New Zealand. FLEP uses various media including music, drama, dance and arts to enhance dialogue with Pacific communities with which they work. FLEP works in intermediate, secondary & tertiary institutions promoting a positive view of sexual health & well being.

"Random Acts, Island Styles" is their newest project whereby they perform random acts of drama & music out and about in the community.

"We hope you enjoy our singing McDonalds order, subscribe (Youtube) to follow our upcoming random adventures! Lol" - FLEP

All "Random Acts" concepts are developed and performed by the FLEP educators.

For more information on FLEP please visit

p.s. Apparently some Malaysians gave this a go at one of the local McDonalds. And as I predicted the girl at the counter went all shy shy cat and was cowering with embarrassment. So I guess I win that bet with myself :P Would've posted up the video on here but it's only available through Facebook. So check out the link to see if they did a good job.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Smoky ain't shy... Smoky's flye.

I'm guessing he felt bad for jilting me mid-photo for a scrawny squirrel yesterday so he came back to make it up to me. Either that or he read my blog, found out that I have a fat hamster and thought "Yum... dinner."

So that's him folks. Smoky the cat. Yes, I know the picture quality is whacked but that's as great of a picture that I can get from my ancient phone. But still, you can't deny that this cat got looks. And I may have misjudged the penyet-ness of his nose. Hidung mancung rupa-rupanya. But his fur... memang macam penyapu.

Now, Smoky has never been too friendly so it was weird when he allowed me to go all googly-goo over him. So after 10 minutes of horrible baby talk going "youshocuuutee" and "handshumboy" and "shoadorable", he couldn't take it anymore and revealed his true intentions.

See!! Told ya he read my blog!! And my poor, brainless hamster never having seen a cat before actually pranced around the cage all fat and tempting. Thank goodness she was in a cage. If not, bubye Aelis.

This is a look of a cat who couldn't understand why he can't play or eat the fat rodent. All attempts of trying to pry the cage open to get to the hamster ended up with him having his paws swatted. Aelis the hamster may be as interesting as watching your nails grow but she has grown on me. I like Aelis the hamster. Plus, I didn't want a massacre happening in my living room. So since the hamster was off limits, there was nothing left of interest to him and therefore he left the house to look for his luverly laydies.

So there you go, you've met all members of the 'Kenari Pride'. There's more actually but they love to hang out in the other blocks and I just can't be bothered to chase after each and every one of them for a pic.

Watch this space for more interesting going ons from the 'Kenari Pride'.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Here kitty, kitt... COME HERE DAMMIT!!

My apartment compund is like a bleedin' cat shop. Look left, ooh a cat! Look right, ooh another cat! Look up, obviously no cat (what were you thinking?). Look down... goddammit, cat poop!! So yeah, my apartment is practically feline area. Again I must emphasise that my apartment is like a cat shop. ALL the cats here are bloody cute!! It's like...

Allo, can you drag out a cute, bushy-tailed, hidung penyet, silky coated cat pronto? I have a meeting in an hour.

Sure, lemme go behind the trash can and see what I can dig up. *Cat yowls* Here you go. That'll be free of charge although thorough fur scrubbing and major flea extermination is necessary once you reach home.

Don't believe me? Look at this bloody bugger.

Is he cute or what?!! I call him Owl. His eyes are HUGE. Puss in Shrek has nothing on this guy. Once he pulls the Omigod-I'm-so-cute-please-give-me-food look on you, you'll probably find yourself going hungry and wondering when did you eat the nasi ayam you just bought for buka puasa. And yes, he is stray. And loving it. Owl will trick you under the false pretenses that he's bloody manja and then as soon as you go anywhere near him he'll dash off. Bloody infuriating I tell you.

but wait... he has buddies. Introducing the 'Kenari Pride'.

They may not look so impressive in the picture but trust me they're bloody cute. And when you have food in your hands, their cuteness then will be frikkin' insane!

And now, meet the undisputed leader. Butch.

The Alpha Male of the pride. I'm guessing he's the one that blessed all the others with the trademark hidung penyet and long bushy tails. And yes, those are battle scars he's sporting on his nose. Bloody handsome and bloody sombong. He indulged me enough to get a few shots of him lounging and then went about his usual business. There were more important things to take care off. Like peeing on car tyres.

I ocassionally get visits from a mysterious grey cat. I call him Smoky (Yes, I am vey unoriginal when it comes to cat names). He's probably the most good looking out of the whole bunch since he doesn't get involved with the whole Alpha Male politics. He's too busy lovin' life with the laydies. And yes, he too has the trademark hidung penyet and long bushy tail. Fortunately, he was around when I was taking shots of the pride.

Smoky poses. Camera phone ready. Aim... zoom... focus and... SQUIRRELL!! All I got was a shot of a grey blur.

So yeah, I'm lucky my neighbours are cats. Yeay... NOT. I live with cats, yet I dont. I live with a hamster, people. A hamster!! All because my housemates cant stand cats. Hamsters are no fun. NO FUN AT ALL! I want a caaaat...

Come on Aelis, defy evolution and give birth to a cat.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

What 'Raya' sounds like...


tatatatatatatat... POW!

Sckreeeeee... KAPOW!!


Piiiuuunggg... BOM!!

Aah... the sounds of mercun. 'Semangat Raya' is here at last. Time to get my earplugs.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Whee... I've got WII

Introducing the latest addition to my gadget family. (drumroll)...


Okay, so granted it's not mine entirely. My lil sis, Kawaii Yuni, was the mastermind behind the purchase and all us other 3 siblings did was hand out whatever extra cash we had. So this lil baby will permanently reside in our lil home in Ipoh. So for dear friends who wish to try out the game, you are more than welcome to hang out with me in Ipoh :D

So is the game as fun as it hyped out to be? HECK YEAH!

  1. WII has been known to induce stomach cramps, cheek muscle strain and shortness of breath. All of these are side effects of excessive laughter. Peeing in pants may also occur. Ensure that the bathroom is within running distance of game area.
  2. New levels of dorkiness has risen after playing WII. Cool people who are severely conscious of their image and looks can just forget about playing WII. When you play WII your self image goes out the window. And with my innate penchant for over exageration and drama, I have proven to be the most idiotic dork among the 4 siblings. My sister has vowed to catch me on video and shame me to death on Youtube.
  3. Bruises and dizziness is also another side effect. This is due to overdramatic swinging of the WII joystick. For the record, I have hit my sister twice on the forehead and have bruised myself while playing tennis.
That aside, WII is the shiznit, y'all. I'm happy my family have WII.

Next family project: Get WII music. I need to give Yuni more Youtube ammo by showing the world that my brain loses all function when it comes to dancing.


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