Monday, May 31, 2004

Questionnaires... Questionnaires... Questionnaires

Lately I’ve found many of these questionnaires posted on the net. There’s a whole variety of them… short, long, stupid ones, sweet ones etc. Maybe it’s because of the school holidays and people just don’t have anything better to do other than making up new questionnaires for people to answer. And as for the others who aren’t making up questions they’re answering them. I’m among the second category. I just don’t have the patience to actually think up all the questions for the questionnaires (salute to those who actually does them!). These questionnaires are kinda fun actually. Some of the questions are really funny while others can be thought provoking too. But one major thing that these questionnaires provide is as deeper insight on those who answer it. In fact it also gives a deeper insight on yourself. Like I said before some of the questions are thought provoking so they force you to think about your answers. Sometimes you can even surprise yourself with some of the answers that you come up with. Anyways, for me these questionnaires are a source of meaningless fun. It’s a way for other people to know me better and also for me to learn more about other people too. Answering questionnaires is definitely better than staring into space doing nothing all day (which is what I do most nowadays… can’t wait till the holidays are over!). So whenever you find questionnaires posted on the net just take some time off and answer them. You’ll never know whom you might meet because of your answers.


1. When were you born?
1st April 1982 Yeap, I was born on April Fool’s Day – no pranks PLEASE!!

2. Where were you born?
New city, Kelate

3. What was your first grade form teacher's name?
Geez have to think so far back meh…

4. What was your first pet's name?
I don’t think my memory goes back that far. My first cat was when I was three or four months old

5. What was your worst accident (medical)?
I’m a walking disaster! I had two major accident firstly I chopped off my ghost finger (it’s about 2 cm shorter now and look like a claw – but I kinda like the outcome better) and secondly I nearly hacked off my left pinkie toe too hehe!

6. What was your favorite cartoon?
-My little Pony!

7. Who was your first best friend?
-Bayani! Lost contact then met up again and then lost contact again until now 

8. When was the first time you ever went on a
-In 2001

9. What used to be your favorite color?
-I dunno… according to pictures my clothes is pretty much covered with mud and dirt (saya anak kampung)

10. Did you ever wet your pants at school?
-At school… No.

11. Did you ever get sent to the principal?
-Twice if you count the disciplinary teacher’s office too. Even got threatened that I might have to get a class downgrade. Muahahaha all for stupid things that I do :p

12. Did you ever start a food fight?
-nope! I’d love to experience a food fight!

13. What was your worst fear?
-IT coming to get ME! (hey… this is about my past rite?

14. What was your favorite toy?
mud… trees… stones… and as I got older roller blades!

15. Did you ever suck your thumb?


1. What time is it?

2. What's the date?
31st May 2004

3. What is your favorite movie?
-Shawshank Redemption, Amelie Poulain (French), The Green Mile

4. What is your favorite song?
-I don’t know the actual title but I think it’s ‘Nobody knows it but me’ by The Tony Rich Project

5. Do you have any pets?
- sadly… no

6. If so what are their names:
-bbbwwwaaaahhhh… I wanna cat!

7. What color hair do you have?
-black but at the ends still have a little red colour from the last time I dyed it.

8. What kind of music do you listen to?
-Rock mostly,r&b n indie.

9. Do you still watch cartoons?
-oh yeah..i love cartoons… Spongebob squarepants is the BEST!

10. What is your favorite TV show?
-Queer eye for the straight guy, America’s next top model n CSI

11. Do you get online often?
-Whenever I can! I hafta make my blogs great!

12. What state/province do you live in?
-Ipoh, Perak

13. What's your favorite type of food?
-I love to try food but Italian pasta is my fave n anything with cheese on top, inside, under, all over..! I love cheesee...


1. What do you want to be when you grow up?
-a theatre producer/ an event planner/ a journalist/ a magazine publisher or editor/ a manager to a bigshot

2. Do you want to go to college?
I'm in uni

3. Do you want to get married: who doesnt??

4. If so at what age... if not why?
a couple of years after I graduate

5. Do you want to have kids?
Yes, 2 boys, 2 girls. Just nice!

6. What kind of car do you want?
-it'd be a bonus if we could afford a 3 series BMW..hehe but i'd settle for a Rav4 or any stylish 4wd.

7. At what age do you think you'll live to?

8. Where do you want to live when you're 35?
-Brunei/ Kay Ell (other places is for my vacations:P)

9. What movie do you want to see next Saturday night?
- Harry Potter with my kid sister but I wanna watch Pontianak!!

10. What time do you think you will go to bed?
-I slept late and woke early… I’d calculate anytime at 3 there’ll be a nap. At nite… depends on the availability of the net hehehehe(evil laughter)

11. Do you think you will have the same friends as you do now?
-there’ll be a few that I’ll definitely stick with.

12. Do you want to walk on the moon?
-for the kick of it… Hell, yeah!

13. What kind of house do you want to live in?
-I want a house with a traditional design like the Perak house or like the traditional English cottages. So cute!!

14. Which country would you like to visit?
-Definitely Morocco. Night life is way HAPPENING and ooh DISNEYLAND!!

*Yawn* I gotta get the hang of this *Yawn*

I've always loved to dabble with computers and ther programmes. It's like a small hobby for me. It's fascinating to see just a few clicks here and several clicks there and VOILA you get a really fantastic results. In fact I was supposed to be doing a creative multimedia course in MMU if not for my first love beckoning. Nothing beats English literature... but now that I've discovered the joys of HTML, I just cant stop!

My neck hurts... I have black rings under my eyes and pimples are happily popping out all over my face just because of html and blogs. But hey... no regrets. I love blogging. Not only I get to write about anything I want (writing is my passion!) I also get to try out HTMLs and play with my imagination and creativity. I can't wait to feel the satisfaction when I'm all done!

Anyhow... for an amatuer who only learnt HTML about a month ago, I think I did quite a good job. But I'm still learning though and I'm open for criticism and comments. I could also use some tips from all computer geniuses out there. I guess when I'm through doing what I have to do, I'll probably look like this...

Stupid Questions I feel like answering...

1. Single or taken?
Depends on whos asking... hehe.

2. Describe your feeling right now in one word?

3. What's the first thing you do when you wake
Think "I need something to DO!" and then go back to sleep again.

4. What's the last thing you do before you
go to bed?
Pray that there's something that I can do the next day.

5. Something about you that you're proud of:
I'm doing okay at uni, I have people that I can call friends for life and the fact that I'm alive.

6. Are you in love?
sadly... no.

7. What's your mobile number?
..ask me personally and I'll tell you..

8. Are you happy?
In a lot of aspect... yes.

9. Why?
I'm satisfied with what I have.

10. What is the most important material object
you possess?
My computer.

11. do you have a crush on someone?
Oh yes.

12. how do you feel bout life right now?
I quote " Life is a box of chocolates; you'll never know what you're gonna get."

13. where do you think you'll be in 10 yrs time?
Either staging a fantastic theater production/ publishing my own magazine/ being some bigshot artist's manager

14. if your bf/gf cheated on you, would you forgive

15. long term or short term relationships?
A fling is a fling and should/can only last for a few days...If I'm gonna be in "relationship" it had better be long term.

16. do you think long distance relationships
work for u?
They NEVER work!

17. do you have any mental problems?
only when i feel like having them :P

18. are you an emotional person?
afraid so...

19. Do you believe in love at 1st sight?
I wanna believe in it.

20. If you had one last breath to say something to
someone you loved what would you say?
Don't grieve, I'm going to a better place where I'll be waiting for you.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

For the Lonely

I've been feeling kinda blue lately about being single and it doesn't help that my own kid sister suddenly landed herself a boyfriend. *sigh* Oh well, just to make myself and all lonely people out there feel better I dedicate this song to you...

For The Lonely
by Sweetbox

This is for the lonely
This is for the lonely
Sometimes I think
I wish on the wrong star
Cause I always seem so far
but the one that I dream of
It's hard to wait for love
but I make it on my own
Cause I'm learning to be strong
but it's never easy standing all alone
This is for the lonely
This is for the lonely
We all live underneath the same blue sky
This is for the loneliness tonight
I'll help you find a way to hold on
At night I cry (At night I cry)
But noone's by my side (Noone's by my side)
My tears they go unheard
So I look for the words
to raise my heart
Now I sing this prayer
That somehow and that somewhere
I would turn around if I love spending there
This is for the lonely
This is for the lonely
We all live underneath the same blue sky
This is for the loneliness tonight
I'll help you find a way to hold on
This is for the lonely
This is for the lonely
We all live underneath the same blue sky (we love, we love)
All my tears may go unheard
cause no one's by my side
It's hard to be unloved
It's hard to wait for love
This is for the loneliness tonight
I'll help you find a way to hold on (I'll hope you find a way, You'll find a way)
This is for the lonely (I know you love me)
This is for the lonely (I know you love me)
We all live underneath the same blue sky (I'm gonna help you to hold on)
This is for the loneliness tonight (Ohh..)
I'll help you find a way (I'll help you find a way)
This is for the lonely

Learn HTML!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A dream

I had a dream but not the courage to fulfil it
It was a dream but I didn't try to realise it
I was a coward
Afraid of what others may say
I was a coward
The fear of failure in my way
But... I wanted that dream
And that wanting never really went away
It became even stronger
When I gained the strength to make it stay
Strength gathered from people closest to me
Confidence gained through people around me
And soon enough my dream looks so much closer to me

My dream came to a point that seems far barely out of reach
If I could reach it my life would be a little more complete
It is where I wish to be
Living out my dreams
But what i didn't see was how lonely some dreams can be
I find myself alone
With no one that I could hold on
I'm afaraid to reach
To go forward for my dreams
What should I do?
What shall my action be?
So I stand here waiting... deliberating
Konwing that my dreams would never come to me.

This is ME...

i am not: tall

i am hurt: when those I count on abandon me

i love: my friends, my family, my life

i hate: failing

i fear: being alone

i hope: that I'll meet that someONE

i crave: for attention and success..!!

i regret: when i didn't try my best

i cry: when im hurt and feel helpless

i care: for my friends,family and all animals

i always: let my mouth say things that I didn't mean to say

i long: for my soulmate

i feel alone: when im around ppl i cant relate to

i listen: to my gut, my mom, and God

i hide: my weaknesses and my fears

i sing: when nobody's around

i dance: when I really have to

i write: to make me feel better

i breathe: because to life is too beautiful to actually stop breathing

i miss: being together with someone

i search: for the true meanin of 2
actually live life as i expect it to be

i learn: so i'd get the most out of life

i feel: lonely at times but grateful that life has given me much

i know: I've much to improve

i wonder: if I ever find that someONE

i say: that if you've tried your best and no matter what you achieve you're already a success

i succeed: in being ME...

i fail: to be other people

i wish: i'm more positive


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