Monday, November 01, 2004

What's up with my blog skin?

I dunno why but I've been pretty unlucky so far with my blog skin. his is probably the zillionth time I've edited it just for the skin alone. Last time it happened everything just disappeared and I had to redo EVERYTHING gain from scratch. Technically I was also at fault for not saving the codes in the first place. Oh well... I definitely learnt from that experience.

Then... everything was fine for a while when suddenly, the main picture disappeared. The one that I was so proud of! But apparently I wasn't the only one suffering that problem so I decided to change the picture and take it from my fave site But alas, again trouble was in store for me as they had remove some pics due to technicalities. So I had to look for more pics again. SO this is the final results! Although I must say that I'm particularly happy with the outcome of this one. I just hope it doesn't disappear like the others.

Holidays are getting a tad boring now. Nothing much has been going on except for vegetating in front of the couch and stuffing my face. I NEED something to do! I mean other than baking Raya biscuits. Aaaargh I'm kinda sick of that too! Now my hands constatly smell of butter.

Anyways... happy Halloween to all who celebrates the day where ghosts are free to wander back on earth. Although Malaysia doesn't celebrate this event extensively at least Astro had some really cool programs on TV so at least Halloween was enjoyable. But now the problem of getting rid of my boredom. Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Help me!

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