Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The kid in me.

I'm already pushing 23 and yet I enjoy watching cartoons and animation that sometimes I wonder am I really an adult or just a kid stuck in an adult's body. I think the answer is definitely the latter.

Can you believe that each day at 3pm I'm stuck in front of the telly just to watch 'As Told By Ginger' on Nick. I don't know why but I love that show and my addiction to that show is similar to soap dramas addiction. I think it'll be great if they actually turned Ginger into a real series. They're already addressing issues that teens nowadays are facing like love, heartbreak, friends, family matters and such so it'll be great as a series. But I guess when it is turned into a series it'll probably be cliched. So maybe it's better for Ginger to stay as a cartoon .

It's kinda embarassing when you think about it but in truth I love cartoons. They're a great way to unwind and relax because you don't have to think when you watch cartoons. Right now I'm a huge fan of Nick and Disney channel and I only switch to other channels when there's reality programs are on. I love reality programs like The Apprentice and next Top Model. My TV programs preference is kinda funny isn't it?

Anyways I can't wait to watch the new disney animation 'The Incredibles'. It looks great. Maybe I'll take Aimee to watch it after we get back from Raya. I think I'll forever love Disney movies. Even when I'm old and wrinkly. And I'll definitely teach my kids to love them too. Great way for family bonding (Jeez... why am I even thinking about this.)

I know that once I head back for campus I'm definitely gonna miss my fave TV channels. Good thing that Anis has a TV card so atleast I get to watch some stuff that I like. I'm seriously considering installing a TV card of my own but nah... what's the point I can always watch with Anis. I'm also definitely gonna miss Astro once I'm in Kelantan. It just doesn't feel the same anymore just watching standard TV and not satellite TV. Astro has definitely changed our lives. I pity Mama coz she'll be missing her fave Philipino soap drama. Maybe with some luck that once we get back from Kel;antan the soap hasn't ended yet. It'll be such a pity if she missed the ending since she followed that series from the very beginning. Thanks God that I'm not a drama series junkie!

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