Thursday, June 26, 2008

Laptop Pimping

After being thoroughly bored at looking at my extremely macho looking laptop I finally pimped it up! Its still in the works as I plan to find some bling! to pimp it up further. But this is how it looks so far...

So just a lil more bling on the butterfly outside and my macho looking laptop shall be macho no more!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tightlining Your Eyes

Time to jump topics again. Now its back to Makeup!

Was browsing through YouTube Howto & Style channel again when I saw this video on how to tightline. What's tightlining? Just watch the video...

Now I had no clue what tightlining was before this but I've always wondered how certain people manage to line their eyes so nicely that it makes even the sparsest eyelashes look full. No matter how I line my eyes I just cant seem to fill in the gaps between my lashes. But now... no more problems. Plus tightlining also subtly dramatizes the eyes and give you that sexy smouldering look. I love dramatic eyes!

Tightlining may seem hard, and a little scary but it's really simple to do. Just make sure you have a steady hand. If not then that fear of actually poking yourself in the eye with the eyeliner might actually come true. However, never ever use liquid eyeliner to tightline. I don't think anybody has ever managed to do that before. One other tip, for those who has watery eyes or sweat a lot (like me!), you can make your tightlining last longer by setting with a black/ dark brown powder eyeshadow. Just use a liner brush, dip it lightly in the shadow and apply it using the same technique as tightlining. Voila! your eyeliner will last longer!

Seriously whoever came up with the idea of tightlining was a genius!My eyeliner is now my new best friend.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cringeworthy Audition

Gawd... talk about butchering the English language!!

Gotta give her credit though. She improved a little on this one.

Moral of the story... You can be either be famous by being EXCELLENT at something or SUCK HORRIBLY at something. Greatest example: William Hung

Stampeding Malaysians! Run!

Topic jump again!

I wonder if its a national phenomenon here but Malaysians do have a tendency to create a mob. All you need is a nation-wide announcement and the next thing you know there'll be a mob.

The latest mob happening in Malaysia is in conjunction with our government's announcement of motorists' petrol rebate. After that announcement the post office were jam-packed with people wanting to get their hands on the cash despite the government's announcement that this rebate can be claimed until next year.

Before that, Malaysians caused a nation-wide jam by flocking to all available gas stations to fill their tanks before fuel prices go up the next day. Thing is the government gave ample warning about the price hike and yet people still wait at the last minute.For all those who waited for nearly an hour that day for fuel, don't you think you wasted more fuel by crawling slowly in line towards the gas pump. If fuel prices are going to rise again in August, expect another nation wide jam then and avoid going through roads that have gas stations along the way.

There was also the time when PDRM wanted to give all motorists a chance and gave 50% off on all summons. And then there was that time involving MyKad. So many events, so many mobs...

These Malaysians probably mob just for the heck of it. You know... to feel the adrenaline rush or experience the hot sweaty excitement of a throng of people all wanting the same thing. But there is one thing that I notice that will really get Malaysians riled up, is if there is a mention of money anywhere in the context. If you're getting money or free stuff then expect a mob on the very first day that a notification goes into effect. If you need to shell out money then expect a crowd on the very last day.

Malaysians say that Singaporeans are Kiasu. but who's kiasu now?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

In loving memory, Abdul Aziz bin Hussin. My beloved father.

3rd August, 1997

Hope you're proud of me Abah...

My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.
~Clarence B. Kelland~

Friday, June 13, 2008

As the doctor prescribed... HOSPITAL!!

Aimee has DENGUE!!

Or should I say had since she's already out of the hospital. But then... the doctor still says she need to be closely monitored for the next few days so maybe she still has it. Hmm...

Anyways, bottom line is Aimee had to be hospitalised for the last 4 days because she has/ had dengue. And me, being the cute loving older sister that I am, naturally stayed with her at the hospital. You know... to keep her company and to bitch about how horrible hospital food can be no matter how much you pay them.

Note to self... never ever fall deathly ill to the point of hospitalisation so that none of my close living relatives or dear friends never ever experience the horrible torture that is the foldable metal chair. Not the most comfortable place to sleep on I tell you. In fact, I'm actually congratulating myself for being able to sleep on that horrendous contraption without hurting myself. Why? Simply because I happened to lose about a centimeter of my left middle finger due to that abomination of a chair. I owe my claw-like middle finger to that chair.

Anyways, back to Aimee... yeah she has dengue. We assume that she caught the virus when we last visited KL. My aunt's house in KL (I shall keep the location secret in fear of a panicked mob due to a fear of denggi outbreak. For those who knows where it is... shhhh!) has had its fair share of denggi victims. I think the only people who hasn't contracted the virus is the cat. And now it has claimed its latest victim, an out-of-towner from Ipoh. So last Friday the 13th *auspicious day isn't it* after a series of high fever, Aimee was admitted to Ipoh Specialist Center due to her horribly low white blood cell count. Half of what it should have been on a normal healthy person. She was put on an IV drip and close observation. Dengue if caught early is treatable although there is no specific cure for it. But what makes dengue deadly is that people can just mistake it for high fever and leave it untreated for too long.

In a way I was both worried yet at the same time I was excited. Not excited because my baby sister was sick but because this is the first time ever that somebody other than myself is the patient. I think I have been in and out of hospital more than I can remember. I've lost a bit of my finger, nearly lost a toe, had stomach virus, growth on my chest... so basically the hospital isn't so new to me. So me not being the patient this time was exciting. I think I embarassed Aimee by taking pictures of her when she was on the drip. Would definitely put them up but I might end up in the hospital again after Aimee brutally kick my ass for it.

But of course all new things will lose its charm after a while. Even the onslought of snacks given by well-wishers couldn't keep my enthusiasm for being at the hospital up. By the third night I was ready to go home! At least for me I get to go home during the day but Aimee was stuck there. Kesian dia...

Thank God she's home now though. I was really afraid that she may need to stay there for like a couple more days when she suddenly started getting a nosebleed that wouldn't stop for an hour. Selfish thoughts were running through my head then, all I wanted to do was go home and never return. But I have to be there for Aimee. My respect for my dear mum has increased tenfold because of this experience. Now I know at least a little bit of what she went through when dad was sick. Hence I really hope that none of my dear ones ever have to go through that kind of experience for me.

For Aimee, the silver lining to all this is she had 2 extra weeks off from school. Though I can't wait to see the look on her face when her teacher gives her all the homework she missed for the last 2 weeks.As for me... being in a hospital just feeds my hematophobia. Not a good thing at all! Luckily I didn't pass out when Aimee started bleeding into her IV tube. Even thinking about it makes my hands go all weak *shudders*

Moral of the story: Kill all Mosquitoes. They're baad!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sheena!

to my dear friend Sheena... Happy 26th Birthday!! Hope you have a good one this year!!

p.s. She's the one on the left. My vanity refused to allow me to upload another pic. I just had to be in the picture too.

Are Americans really that stupid? You decide...

Found this video a while back and to this very day, it has not ceased to amaze me. I can watch it a hundred times and my reactions would still be the same... slaps forehead while going D'oh!

Now before I go on with my ramblings, do watch the video.

Oh-kay then... what do you think. I don't mean any disrespect to anybody but how can one nation have so many clueless people? How can you not know how many sides there are to a triangle?! That's like something learned when I was back in kindergarten/ pre-school.

You can excuse people who don't know general knowledge because I have met people who are so absorbed in their own world that they totally zone out from the world's on-goings. And I guess you can probably excuse people for not knowing where a certain country is although the fact that some people don't know that the country they labeled as South Korea is actually Australia is still pretty mind-boggling to me. I mean, Australia is a continent for God's sake. But how can you excuse saying that Star Wars is based on a true story?!

My fave question in the video:

What is the religion of Buddhist Monks?

... Islamic ...

*shakes head* Oh God...

Another fave moment:

I'm a little bit mixed up over the Israelis and the Palestinians. Which one is throwing the rocks?

*hangs head in shame*

This video is like complementing that Miss America Teen pageant that came up last year (refer to blog archive September, 2007 for the video). If another one of these videos pop up anytime soon then it is confirmed that an epidemic of stupidity is going around. So I suggest that people everywhere should take the necessary precautions before you actually catch 'the dumbs'.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

M&M Cru (with a U) Final Dance Battle [latest update]

It's finally out. M&M Cru's latest dance vid.

I don't know yet if I like it. I think I have to watch it again.

But based on the YouTube comments, most people feel that its just a rip off of ACDC's dance vid. In certain aspects I have to agree with them because M&M are not bringing anything new to the table. I think M&M would've probably WOWed people more if they brought in more type of dance into their video, you know like ballet, flamenco etc.. Hip Hop dance isn't the only genre of dancing out there you know.

But the video was rather entertaining. I just can't wait to see what ACDC is gonna come up with! Woohoo!! There's a hint that there's gonna be a live battle. Now that's something everybody should watch out for. Imagine... Miley Cyrus in a live dance battle. *ROFL* That ought to be priceless!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

M&M vs. ACDC Online Dance Battle Update

M&M is supposed to release their latest dance video today but since I'm living 8 hours ahead of their time I shall patiently wait for the release. For the time being, here's another teaser of their video. Didn't realise it was out last week due to the internet's shitty connection.

Anywhoo, come back later for M&M dance cru (with a u) *the disclaimer is corny* and lets see if they can actually end this dance battle once and for all.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Everybody is doing "it"

So in conjunction with the blog title 'Incoherent Thoughts', I shall now break off from makeup talk and talk about ANIMAL SEX!!

Yeap... it's that time of the year again. I know that there's a song that actually talks about this, you know... where everything and everybody is doing it but somehow I can't put my finger on the it. Sheesh... really hate it when that happens. It's at the tip of the tongue but your brains refuse to cooperate. Dammit... *sigh* it'll probably hit me sometime tomorrow when I'm doing the most unlikeliest things.

So yeah... everybody is doing "it". The song may be talking about something less graphic but let's not beat around the bush here. I'm gonna say it out and out, SEX. I know for a fact that a few of my friends are finally getting their first taste of making sweet luurrve *nudge nudge wink* hehehe. So anywhoo... even the birds and the bees and apparently pretty much all of the animal kingdom are in the mood for it. My trip to the zoo this time was both utterly amusing yet a little gross.

Now before all y'all start getting judgmental about why a 25 year old is at the zoo, let it be known that I was dragged there kicking and screaming by my 17 year old sister and my 27 year old cousin. The added strength of my mom's emotional blackmail just made it all the easier for 'those' two to actually get me there.

It's bad enough that I have to walk around in the blistering hot sun amidst all the hyper, yelling, screaming children *school holidays... the bane of my existence*, I was then subjected to penis flashings from the animals. GROSS!! *shudders* Apparently I wasn't the only one grossed out by those 'things' as I saw several people *through the cracks between my fingers* walking around with hands over their eyes or on their kids' eyes. What's the point of bringing your kids to the zoo if you're gonna cover their eyes?

However, I was thoroughly amused by the perplexed look parents got when their kids ask them the dreaded question, "Mom... Dad... why is that monkey/ horse/ kangaroo going on top of the other one? what are they doing?" *LMAO* Yeah... dad, why did the other one go on top of that one? Priceless *wipes away tears*

This question was ringing throughout the entire zoo, I saw giant tortoises doing it, birds, kangaroos, monkeys, goats, alligators... you name it. It's like Animal Planet, only live. Note the picture of the goats, the she-goats were actually lining up for their turns. See... even animals knows when to wait their turn. What's with humans and their fetishes for orgies and multiple partners? *shakes head*

I pity the animals that were alone in their pen though. I wonder how they let loose their sexual frustrations? I hope they don't take it out on their keepers... you know, like dogs do to their owners when horny-ness strikes them. Imagine if a hippo tried to mount you, I betcha you'll be traumatised for life. *lol*

But on a more serious note, the zoo needs help. It's clean but it's old. Some of the animals looks too skinny to actually be healthy and the fact that there were several animals that were alone in their pen shows that the zoo didn't have enough money to bring in a mate for the animal. What adds to the unfairness is that several animals are sponsored so their pens are in a much better condition than others. I just feel that people shouldn't be selective with their donations. All animals deserve the same treatment.

So to help out y'all can check out their webpage You can either choose to adopt an animal which means you need to take care of the well-being of that animal, donate money (any amount is acceptable as there were people who donated less that RM50 and were still listed in the donors list), or if you love working with animals you can volunteer your services. You even get a certificate for it so for those who wants to buff up their resumes, volunteer work is definitely the way to go.

Seriously if I had the money, I'll adopt all the animals. But being unemployed for the moment, I guess my Rm15 entrance fee would have to suffice for now.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mac Brushes vs. Painting Brushes

Just wanted to add on to the last post. For some of you who are looking for other alternatives to makeup brushes sold in Cosmetics stores, this video will give you a clue to what you should look for. Painting Brushes!!

I'm gonna go check out the local arts and crafts store as soon as I have some free time and see if I can find any reasonable brushes that can compare to the ones mentioned in the video.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Essential Brushes

Been browsing through YouTube 'How to & Style' channel again and found some video dedicated to the essentials in makeup brushes. I know that most individuals who wears makeup, they make do with the applicators that comes with the products or even with their own fingers. However, for all makeup lovers everywhere, we know that a good brush can actually help you achieve that polished, professional look that can be seen in magazines.

I definitely would've posted up the video showing all the necessary makeup brushes but somehow I dont think that it would be a good idea. Not that the videos were not any good, (those people went through a lot of research to make the videos, so kudos to them) simply because they weren't really targeted to the market here. Other than Mac, which seems to be the unanimous favourite for makeup brushes among these makeup afficianados, where are we suppose to go for Sephora or Loew Cornel and what-nots? So to help fill in the blanks, I shall list down the 'must have' essential brushes according to these helpful makeup mavens and also according to my own humble experiences and where to find them.

There's like a gazillion types of makeup brushes out there so its best that you don't get fooled by the false pretense that you need every single one of them. Plus If you tried to buy them all, you would run out of money and places to store them. For normal everyday usage, all you need is 5 essential makeup brushes to achieve that flawless professional look.

1. Flat Head Concealer Brush

This brush is basically used to apply concealers, hence the name. The flat head allows for more precision and better control for blending. It doesn't matter if you use liquid, cream or powder, a small concealer brush will make covering up tiny imperfections a snap. Cosmetics brands such as Mac, Bobbi Brown or Stila would usually price this brush from RM65 to RM100. However, for those with a smaller budget you can get this brush from Elianto or Sasa.

2. Eyeliner Brush

Most people tend to prefer using pencil liners rather than deal with tricky liquid eyeliners or gel liners. However, liquid or gel liners offers longer lasting results than the pencil liner which smudges or wear off pretty quickly, sometimes leaving you looking like a raccoon without you knowing it (I have suffered this incident countless times. To all my friends who were too polite to tell me, bless them). A plus at having a liner brush is that you can use your favorite eyeshadow as an eyeliner by applying it with a thin eyeliner brush. You can vary the effect by using the brush wet or dry, and the colours are limited only by the eye shadows you have in your collection. This way you can cut cost from not buying different coloured eyeliners to suit your makeup moods. If you're willing to invest, you can fork out around Rm45 for this brush but if you're not then just head to Sasa (elianto doesn't have the thin brush) and get it for RM20. The eyeliner brush can come in two designs, either the thin brush (looks like a really thin paintbrush) or the slant brush (the bristles are angled). I prefer the angled brush myself as it allows better control.

3. Foundation Brush

This brush is usually used to apply powder mineral makeup to achieve that flawless finish though it works equally as well with liquid or cream foundation. It makes blending easy and makes pores disappear. If you use the brush for a liquid or cream foundation remember to wash your brush with warm soapy water frequently. Usual price for this brush would be around RM75 - Rm100. For those on budget, head on down to Sasa or Elianto. I even saw some good brushes being sold in Guardian and Watsons as well.

4. Kabuki Brush

Also known as the blush brush. Was pretty clueless when kabuki brushes was mentioned but when I checked my own collection, turns out I already have one but with a longer handle! So anyways, this brush is perfect for applying bronzers, powders and blushes. Look for a Kabuki brush with thick, heavily packed natural hair bristles as they deliver a smooth, even coat of powder or mineral make-up with a few strokes. Short Kabuki brushes are perfect for those who are usually on the go as you can always stash them in your purse. Prices for this brush usually starts from RM75. The Body Shop is also another cosmetics company that carries good makeup brushes and you know for a fact that they dont torture animals to manufacture these brushes.

5. Large Eyeshadow Brush

Sometimes, a simple wash of colour over the entire eyelid is more effective (and subtle) than heavily stylized eye makeup. Besides it simple to do and perks up your eyes instantly. To get a clean, natural look, a large rounded eyeshadow brush is a must. A good brush will evenly apply colour from lash base to brow bone in a few strokes. It will also keep powdered shadows on the eyelid instead of on the cheeks or nose. Sasa is selling these for around RM30, Elianto, Guardian and Watson should be selling these at a far cheaper price. Bigger cosmetic companies usually price these brushes around RM80.

So these are the top 5 makeup brushes that a girl should have. If you don't have them, go get them! If you do... then good for you!

There's several other items that I feel would complement these brushes.
  • Sponge Wedges - Good for blending concealers in small tight spaces like under your eyes.
  • Q-tips/ Cotton buds - Get the tapered-end cotton buds as they are perfect to correct little mistakes or smudges. Found some good ones in Guardian.
So that's all the makeup tools that you need for your everyday makeup needs. But as you go along your makeup tools will probably start to build up according to your needs. It's like my case where I suddenly realised that I had more stuff than I remembered buying. So I hope the list has helped. If any of you out there knows any other specific places here in Malaysia to get good quality makeup brushes and makeup tools here in Malaysia, would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment!

Makeup Mania

It's been while since I last dabbled with one of the loves of my life. Makeup. I actually gave it up in the hopes that it wont distract me with my (lame) attempt to concentrate on my thesis writing. This blog is proof at how lame that attempt was *grins*.

So anyhoo... one night I found myself surfing YouTube for makeup techniques since I lost my fave makeup book and can no longer afford those books due to my current hiatus from work. Whoever took that makeup book of mine better give it or you shall FOREVER BURN IN HELL!! *coughs*

Yeah... I really LOVED that book. So give it back please.

Back to makeup... found this really great gal from America who does makeup tutorials on YouTube. Her makeup is fantastic since she's olive skinned and "cute" like myself, she is now my Makeup Guru. Beats having to shell out hundreds of bucks just to learn the same things that she's showing online. The only thing that sucks is that she's using all these products that is not available here in Malaysia or something that I can't possibly afford anytime soon. Sheesh... but other than that fact she's simply a pro. Check out her blog

This is one of my fave videos from her tutorials. It's a tutorial on everyday makeup which makes your face looks natural and fresh. And simple to do too. But what I simply love about this video is the fact that she's using alternative brushes, something that you can find from shops like Sasa or Elianto which wont burn a hole in your pocket. So WOOHOO to that.

Also found another gal, this time from Britain, who also does amazing makeup. Though in her case I think, partly, the reason why the makeup comes out great is because she has amazing eyes. Although the way she applies her makeup does indicate that she truly knows what she's doing. I think she's really famous in Britain. She's more friendlier though out of the two since she talks in her tutorials but I hafta warn you, her Brit accent is pretty thick...

This vid is a tutorial to make brown eyes 'pop'. Since I have a wedding to go to soon and I'm planning to wear green so I'm naturally attracted to this vid. Hopefully my eyes wont be the only ones that 'pop' that night. *lol*

Check out her blog Oh... and if you check out her other vids, you can probably hear her dog snoring. *lmao*

I've recently sent in a request for the two of them two show makeup tips and tricks for people who wears glasses. I'm hoping that they'll respond soon enough. My biggest problem with wearing glasses is the fact that my lashes tend to sweep against the lenses. Feels like I have my very own wiper blades.

Am gonna keep this blog updated with their works though will only be posting up my fave videos. Still looking out for more individuals who are good at this stuff. Will be great to compare their tips and tricks.

Am also kinda contemplating to start my own makeup video tutorials but we'll see. Dunno if I'm confident enuff with my work yet. *hehe*

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Not-So-Typical Adventure

On a typical afternoon, two typical sisters were typically hanging out doing typical things that typical people would typically do on a typical day.

When suddenly, they heard something that was not so typical.

Me: Hey didcha hear that?
Aimee: Hear what?
Me: that... that scratching sound.

(momentary pause)

Aimee: Nope... don't hear a thing.
Me: Hmmm...

So the two sisters typically went back to doing what the were doing before. When all of a sudden...

Me: there it is again!! It's coming from the cupboard!!
Aimee: A'ah... I can hear it too. I think there's something moving around in there.

(both leans in towards cupboard, listening intently)

Aimee: (solemn faced) Big sis... I think you have a rat in your cupboard.
Me: (dramatically) NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!

So the two sisters typically started to think of ways to solve this not-so-typical problem so that they can get back to their everyday typical actvities. Typically, they set a trap for the rat. But after several attempts, they typically gave up and moved on to a new plan. The not-so-typical rat was proving to be a much smarter rat than they typically thought. After brainstorming for more typical ideas, they were typically forced to resort to the old foolproof method of 'seek and capture'. The sisters were typically grossed out by the idea but they had no other typical choice unless they were willing to be roomies with a rat. And that idea, typically did not appeal to the sisters at all.

And so the search begins. With the help of a typically long stick, the sisters began to remove items of their typical clothing from the cupboard. The not-so-typical rat however, ensured that his not-so-typical home was well protected in case of a siege and thus as the typical sisters moved deeper and deeper into the cupboard, their senses were typically attacked by an overwhelming smell of rat pee and rat poop. Eeeyyuuuwww!!

Undeterred by this not-so-typical attack, the typical sisters ploughed on until suddenly...

Me: (Screams shrilly) There it is!! It's coming right at us!!
Aimee: Aiyeee... relax la. Penakut betul kamu ni.

Aimee, typicall being the bravest despite being the youngest, started to chase the not-so-typical rat around the room until it finally climbed up the drapes and typically escaped through the window.

Me: phew...
Aimee: Thats his home now. He can come back you know...
Me; Wha...??!! (shudders violently)

So what do you think is the typical ending for this not-so-typical drama?

The rat came back and drove the sisters out of the room for a couple of days, typically. (-_*)


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