Monday, November 08, 2004

Raya Madness

For those who are thinking of any last minute raya shopping… DON'T! It's chaos out there. People of all race, age and nationality are all out for the same thing… bargains. Yeap it's the season of the 'Deeparaya' sale.

My sister and I had to buy some basic necessities so my mom decided to take us out to Kinta City the most renowned shopping complex in Ipoh. Basically it's just a two storey family shopping mall run by Jaya Jusco. The reason why it's so famous is because of its location. It's the closest to the biggest residential area in Ipoh.

So anyways, we arrived at 10am. You may be wondering why we're there so early, well my mom (a very smart lady indeed) knew what we were gonna face so she decided to get there early so that we won't have to worry about parking space. And all that while I thought she wanted to get home early so she can rest since its Ramadhan and all. You think that by arriving at 10 we'd be the earliest there since shops only open at 10.15am but no, we were not the first to arrive. The parking lot was already half full. So then off we went on our expedition for stuff!

It wasn't easy mind you. There were people everywhere but what I find most irritating is those kids who zoom round on those roller shoes of theirs. Hello! Parents! Can't you see that there's a gazillion people at the store? Those kids were zooming around not caring whether they'll run somebody down. I actually laughed when one of them actually ran into a wall. Serves them right (see Alia... I can be evil:P)

But guess where the longest line was? At the ATM machine! I pity those people lining up. My mom (she's really smart) came prepared so she shopped until she nearly dropped. But guess what I got out of fumbling my way through throngs of people doing near festival shopping? Toner, deodorant, a purse (which I absolutelt adore coz it was 70% off) and some inner wear (u know what I mean!). *Sigh* throngs of people just makes shopping tiresome for me. Not too mention the call of Secret Recipe Cakes and Baskin Robbins Ice cream which just had to be ignored. That's it after Raya I'm going shopping with a vengence! Muahaha!

P/S the new Nokia flip phone Nokia 2600 was just released today and to tell you the truth it wasn't what I imagined it to be. They turned out to be rather boring but in way quite trendy too. It's RM 699 which is a little over my budget but... itll be cool to use that phone. However, I kinda like the new Motorola c380. Hmm... choices...choices... choices...

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