Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bye Bye Mama...

9.45 pm

She steps forward bravely. I watched from afar, worried by how small and frail she looked. The urge to run forward and protect her enveloped my entire being.

But God was kind. He protects those who are worthy. And she was. With every step she took, help seems to come her way. Heavy burdens lifted. Her path lay before her free of any obstacles.

She turns and smile sweetly. The smile calmed me in a way that no words ever could. I smiled back. With that smile I told her that all will be well. That we'll all be waiting for her return. With that she turns and disappeared amidst the calming whiteness.

10.00 pm

God was indeed kind that night. With every drop of the rain, no one felt the discomfort of pressing bodies. Gone were the heat of the afternoon sun. But the droplets of rain carried a different blessing for me. A blessing that was very much needed.

I turned to the skies and let the cold wetness wash away all traces of fear. The fear that the smile I just saw could perhaps be the last one she would ever give me.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Islam and Its Oddities

What a week! Who'd knew that one day I'd wake up to a day where a harmless exercise regime is considered harmful to a Muslim's aqidah and one of the world's most renowned alleged pedophile embraces Islam. What in the world will happen next?

So yeah... Yoga is banned in Malaysia. Why? Simply because the National Fatwa Council claims that Yoga has elements of Hinduism and prolonged practice will corrupt Muslim spirituality. Say whaaat??!!

Of all the moral problems going rampant in today's society, this is what the fatwa council were debating about? Talk about misplaced priorities. What happened to the issues of rempits, drugs, free sex and all the whatnots? They're more worried about an exercise regime?

You know why non-Muslims tend to view Islam and Muslims with wariness and caution? It's because of situations like this. Some Muslims' minds are getting more and more narrow minded that they fail to see the benefits that they can glean from certain practices that other religions and societies introduced.

Why are the National Fatwa council treating Malay Muslims like they're mindless drones that have no mind whatsoever? Why is it that they feel the need to control the behaviours of people? Sure Yoga originated from Hinduism as a practice to attain inner peace, however in the modern context people do not practice yoga for religious purposes any longer. It is a tried and tested practice designed to promote health and well-being to its practitioners. Now I'm no expert on Islam but doesn't Islam promote the adaptation of certain knowledge if it brings benefits to the ummah. Wouldn't Islam want followers who are healthy and not buzzed out on stress?

So many why's yet we're not given much when it comes to answers.

Next on our bizzare happenings of the week is Wacko Jacko converting to Islam. Although this rumour is still not 100% confirmed, lets just sat that it is. Now as a Muslim, any newcomer in Islam is supposed to be welcomed with open arms. And as happy as I am that the King of Pop has finally found hidayah and has decided to embrace Islam, one just can't help but feel a little skeptical on this move. And those open arms are probably not opened as wide as they should be.

Why the skepticism when all Muslims should be joyous on finally bringing about a high profile figure into its embrace? Well... maybe because this high-profile character has so much bad rep that not only it wont bring Islam into a better light but these people now have more ammo to make fun of the religion. Try googling "Michael Jackson converts to Islam" and you'll know what I mean. One person actually preferred Islam to be associated with terrorism rather than see Islam ridiculed and humiliated with all the Jacko jokes.

But to put a positive light into the dubious matter, perhaps Jacko has really seen the light and is now embarking upon the right path. Perhaps with his conversion, Jacko will change his ways and no longer be "Wacko Jacko". I guess only time will tell now.

Friday, November 21, 2008

KL's Latest Newcomers

Let's welcome these newcomers in town!! Woohoo!!

Finally more affordable makeup choices for all makeup aficianados in Malaysia. Make way for Rimmel and Majolica Majorca, now available at selected Watsons outlet all over the country. For those who have been hankering after Shiseido products and held back after seeing the price tags then hold back no more! Majolica Majorca is a low-end sub brand under Shiseido. First launched in Japan and now it has found its way all the way to our shores.

Why you'd like the products?
  1. The cases are really cute!
  2. They're quality product
  3. They're affordable!
I have personally tried their mascara and its superb. But word of caution for those who are not into waterproof mascara. When these people say waterproof, they mean waterproof. Other waterproof mascaras would usually come off if I washed my face with facial wash but this one must be taken off with a makeup remover. So good news for those major party-goers who needs their mascara to stay put throughout the night.

I've yet to try out their other products but you betcha that I'm gonna do so in the future. Here's the price list for some of their stuff.

Lash Bone Mascara Base - RM45.90
Lash Enamel Glamour Neo - RM45.90
Majolook Trick On Eyeshadow palette - RM53.90
Majolook (Luminoustic) palette - RM49.90
Neo Automatic Liner - RM42.90
Jeweling Pencil - RM26.90
Rouge Majex - RM33.90
Honey Pump Gloss - RM17.90
Shadow Customize - RM20.90
Frozen Splash Eyes - RM29.90
Cheek Customize - RM29.90 Customize Case (for eyeshadows or cheek) - RM20.90
Skin Remaker Foundation refill - RM55.90 Case - RM24.90
Skin Lingerie (OD Control) makeup base - RM39.90
Pressed Fantasia 24H Face Powder refill - RM35.90 case - RM24.90

Just one snag about this brand... for some products, I really hate the fact that we have to pay seperately for the makeup casing. For example powder foundation, most people wouldn't really mind forking out RM55.90 but only if it comes with the casing. I'm sure most people would definitely think twice to pay RM80.80 for the powder foundation. Coz if it were me, I might as well save up another RM20 or so and get myself a MAC.

Rimmel is definitely another cool brand that has just reached our shores. Hailing all the way from London, this brand is offering us Malaysians with a variety of cool, hard edged affordable cosmetics. With Kate Moss as the brand's ambassador, the makeup displays which can be found in most Watson outlets is definitely eye-catching.

With all the makeup stuff that I've been purchasing lately, I have yet to try out anything from Rimmels in particular but a good friend of mine is raving about their pencil liner and lipgloss. So until I've personally tried out their stuff, I'm not say much about it. But one thing that delights me for sure though, ITS CHEAP!!

Okay this brand may not fall into the same category as the first two brands mentioned, it being more in the high-end category but hey a newcomer is still a newcomer. This newcomer is actually a local brand but gathers its items from various sources all over the world mainly Italy and Germany.

I was enthralled by their magazine ad so I decided to check out their new outlet in Midvalley. Simply put I was stunned by how cool the whole place looked. I've always been a sucker for black decor so yeah the store alone had me hooked. But still... my biasness for black decor put aside, the products itself were really good.

I decided to play around with their powders and lipglosses and was quite impressed. However, playing around with them does not equate to true testing so one of these days I'm gonna get me one of their products and truly see if they're not just all hype.

So here they are, the new girls in town. I'm betting there'll be more newcomers in the future (Sephora perhaps *fingers crossed*) but for now these gals are the talk of the town .Don't hesitate to check them out and do let me know how you like them. Ciao!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is dedicated to all of you all metrosexual and image conscious males out there. But it comes with a question... were you all as squirmy and as uncomfortable as this guy when you first put on your makeup? If you were then you guys were hilarious!!

*LMAO* Wasn't that hilarious or what?!!

p.s. The guy is cute though :P

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion pt. 2

Since I love my Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion so much, I just had to find out ways to maximise the usage. Yes... I am a cheapskate but heck I'm paying good money for it.

So lo and behold!! I found this really great video on how to save up on the stuff. Check it out!

Yippee!! There's actually loads more gunk in that tiny bottle. So now all I need to do is find those lipgloss pens.

Hmm... why do I feel like this is easier said than done?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Macbeth at ASWARA

Aah... Macbeth. Probably one of the more renowned plays of Shakespeare's works. All that talk about power, ambition and murder is enough to make anyone's hair stand on end. If it doesn't, then the blast of air-conditioning in the theater hall would ensure that for you. I don't know why but theater halls tend to always be extremely cold.

Anyways, no literature student can go through life and not know about the notorious uncle-killing nephew with his beautiful & ambitious yet cold-hearted wife. So when ASWARA students decided to stage this particular play I was like "Cool!". I havent seen a staging of Shakespeare's work in ages so to actually see one staged in Bahasa Melayu would definitely be interesting. To make things even more interesting, my cousin Nazzim is playing the part of McDuff, the guy who ends up beheading Macbeth.

I must admit that I was a little skeptical about the idea of the play being Bahasa Melayu. I mean the whole play is complicated enough being in English, but to translate it into Malay and do it justice? Hmm... that was definitely the question going through my head. But I've definitely learnt to never underestimate the power of the Malay language. The translation was amazingly done. Kudos to Ahmad Yatim for succesfully capturing the essence of the entire play and at the same time showcasing the beauty of the Malay language. I was enthralled from beginning to end. There were words that I heard that night which I never thought existed. Two thumbs up to the writer.

As for the play itself, the ASWARA students were definitely in their element. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth were cast perfectly and they were totally believable and the rest of the cast were simply icing on the cake. Nazzim (McDuff) beheaded Macbeth beautifully at the end but the goriness of the scene was so intense people just can't help but laugh. Not saying that the scene was funny, but you know, once in an uncomfortable situation laughter always diffuses the mood.

The only thing that I didn't get was why their costumes were smudged up and dirtied. It just doesn't make sense to me. But if the ASWARA folks interpreted these people living in a state of dishevellement and shabbyness even as royalty, then so be it.

All in all it was an enjoyable play. Although I managed to get in for free the rm5 ticket would definitely have been money well spent.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Muzikal "Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup", Panggung Bandaraya KL

For a theater enthusiast, I am ashamed to admit that I have never attended a single bangsawan theater (a popular urban theater mixing music, acting and dancing). So when a friend invited me to attend this show I was like YEAY!! Finally, I get to see what a bangsawan show is actually like.

To my suprise, I think nearly everybody else in KL was thinking the same thing. My friends and I showed up at Panggung Bandaraya to a waiting area jam-packed with people. And as soon as the doors were open people made a bee-line to find seats. We were lucky. We managed to grab the last 4 seats that were left. I had to reserve a seat for a friend who was unfortunately late due to traffic, and during all that time people were hungrily eyeing the empty seat next to me and I could practically see the thoughts that were in their heads "It's not fair! I was here first. That bee-yotch should not reserve seats for latecomers!!"

Back to the play, the show was about the infamous suicidal mother who killed herself just because her hungry kids ate the last bits of fish eggs that she secretly kept for herself. So the play continued off after the suicidal mom threw herself into the gaping rock mouth. Fortunately she managed to regain her senses when she died and vowed to eternally be their guardian and will come to their aid if ever her kids were in a pickle.

So after being abandoned by their mother, Pekan and Melur grew up under the care of Nenek Kebayan, who coincidentally was the Princessof Kerayong's nurse. While Pekan and the Princess Mayang Mengurai secretly knotted their love affair, the King of Kerayong decided to hold a cock fight competition to search for prince for the Princess. The winner of the competition will have the princess's hand in marriage. The Princess, however asks Pekan to disguise himself as a prince, enter the competition and is assured victory by using poison on the cock's talons. Then tragedy begins, when Raja Jayeng Indera Sakti, the loser in the competition, takes revenge.

When tragedy struck, Melur remembering her mom's last dying words took her brother and his bride to the rock and managed to save their lives. And true to fairy-tale style endings, everybody then lived happily ever after.

All in all, the show was amazing. Me being the "bling-bling" sort of person just couldn't take my eyes off the costumes, props and makeup. They were superb!! The stage was amazingly done. Kudos to the stage manager and crew. And as for the costumes... WOW!! It was perfect to the very last detail. The whole performance was Istana Budaya worthy. And oh yeah the acting was really good too ;P

What made the show interesting was the mini shows in between scene changes. I think I was entertained by all sort of old-skool entertainment they could think of; the cha-cha, little kids dancing the twist, zapin anak ayam etc. It was so cool. Certainly beats having to wait in the dark while waiting for the crew to move stuff around.

I must say that my first bangsawan experience was an extremely enjoyable and memorable one. Made even more so by my bunch of friends who managed to over-analyse the whole cock fight competition - He who has the biggest and strongest "cock" gets the girl (get it?) So throughout the entire cock fight scene all 4 of us couldn't stop giggling. Trust literature grads to see things that aren't really there.

So yeah, I think bangsawan is definitely for me. Panggung Bandaraya will be having another bangsawan teater next month, titled "Musang Berjanggut". I for one wont miss it for the world.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion

Usually I'm not a believer in the "extras" that so-called makeup experts like to pawn on us. It's bad enough that your makeup bag is already bursting at the seams with all the necessary basics that you need but to add on more stuff just because it helps you to do this and that... it's simply abominable!!

But sometimes... you find yourself pleasantly suprised. Amazed even. That was the situation that I found myself when first experienced the effects of Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

This primer potion from Urban Decay, a low-end line from Sephora, is listed among the top 10 cult favourites for makeup. Makeup artists all swear by this. It's the miracle cure for creased eyeshadow and guarantees intense colours and long-lasting shadow usage.

I found out about this little gem after watching various youtube makeup artists using it before they start their demonstrations and true enough, their eye colours were simply amazing. So with Google at hand, and all the information necessary I was 70% convinced that this was a must-have item. Setbacks abound... It's nowhere to be found in the South East Asia region and to actually get my hands on it a credit card must be at hand. *sigh*

But God took pity on lil ol' me and an online friend sent a vial all the way from the States, FREE OF CHARGE!! I think God just couldn't watch me embarass myself further with my increasingly horrible eye-makeup. So now I am a proud owner of Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion!!

To appease the 30% inside me that still thinks it's all hype, I gave it a little test. I wanted to see if the eyeshadow that has always given me creasing problems in the past would cease to do so after I've used the product. And the verdict...


No more creasing and the colour was fab!! I am so convinved and Urban Decay has officially gotten itself another fan. So in the future, when I run out of this magnificient product would I go through the trouble of international shipping (you know that Sephora ain't coming to our shores anytime soon) and the whopping exchange rate (its USD16, once converted will cost me RM56 minus shipping)?


Some extras are totally worth the trouble. But before I have to go through all that trouble, frugality shall be my middle name and prayer will be my best friend. I'll be praying to God almighty to suddenly make the Spehora CEO to open up a branch right here in Malaysia. Or at the very least Singapore. Please God please!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Return of the Prodigal Blogger


Yes... yes... I'm guilty for blog neglection but I do have a life outside the cyber realm you know. Since I no longer confine myself to my humble abode in Ipoh I am now free to roam the city of KL and make up for lost time.

So what have I been doing?

Bumming around in my new apartment in between sessions of work and thesis finalisation.

Hahaha... totally not the active "making-up-for-lost-time" activity that you would expect eh? But no worries... things have been picking up lately ever since I submitted my thesis (yeay!!) So I've been to several plays, watched some movies, checked out some cool new eateries, hung out with bunches of friends and my most favourite activityof them all... a whole load of shopping.

So yeah... there's loads of stuff to write about. But don't groan just yet. I'm not gonna bore you with all the boring and mundane details. I'll just pick out the best bits and concentrate on that. I do have a life to get back to as I'm sure... so do you ;)

So stick around!


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