Thursday, May 10, 2007

My so-called birthday bash...

It seems that ever since most of the gang have started working, we all need an excuse to get together. No... actually, I take that back. We need an organizer. No... not the diary/ planner. A true-blue party cum get together organizer. And guess who was nominated? That's rite... poor ole' me. *sigh* Just a slight side effect of being too organised I guess. Seriously when I die I'm gonna have my tombstone read "Here lies Shan, Forever the Organiser".

But yeah... I kinda organised this get together. It was kinda supposed to be a joint birthday celebration for both Sheena and I but Sheena pulled out. Oh well... more attention on me ;)

We had it at San Francisco's again. The obvious choice since poor ole' me don't have a car. I really can't wait to get a real job!! Trust me when I'm loaded I'm gonna go GRAND for my birthday.

All in all it was a good night. As you can see the theme was red (my fave colour) so everybody looked pretty hot. Even the guys. Though I wished that some of my other close friends were there but I'm happy for all those who came. They were the best. Shall love you all always!

I just wonder who's gonna be brave enough to organise the next get together? I already have people clogging up my comment boxes in friendster to organise the next one. Penat la wei nak organise... Somebody else buat la pulak!


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