Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Shisha and I

I seriously don't know what made me do it. Me smoking shisha!! For somebody who finds cigarettes disgusting I'm totally at ease with smoking shisha. I had strawberry flavour.And it was kinda nice. I'd definitely do it again. Maybe next tme I'd try some other flavours. Chocolate sounds cool ;P

Difference between ciggies and shisha... you can't carry it around with you. So there's no chance of me getting addicted. Unless I somehow manage to procure myself a car (which is not anytime soon) and go to the shisha place every night. Thank god that place is hard to get to. And according to my shisha buddies who are experts on this subject, good shisha places are hard to find. Ironically the bad shisha places are run by arabs who brought this stuff to Malaysia in the first place.

I guess I kinda understand why some people love to smoke so much. There's somewhat a satisfaction when you exhale all that smoke out. For me I kinda also get energised afterwards. I'm actually typing this after my very first stint with the shisha. Woohoo!
But this is as close as I will get to smoking. I just can stand ciggie smoke. They stink. And then you end up stinking afterwards. If only everybody quit ciggie smoking and start taking up shisha. I think the world would be a better place. If not... at least there'll be less ciggie butts lying around everywhere.

Friday, July 27, 2007


After years of being here in IIU I am finally thrown into the international students social scene. What an irony.

Yeah... when I was in undergraduate I guess I was so wrapped up in my own world and biasness that I never really gave these people a chance. To me back then... they were all the same. Stuck up and prejudiced. When in reality I was the one with the prejudices.

Though it didn't help matters much when they too had their own prejudices against me. These people tend to see me in my baju kurung and my tudung bawal and instantly dismiss me as another typical malay girl. Of course I was offended. The way I dress don't define me. I never describe myself as typical and we English lit majors always pride ourselves of being non-typical. To us typical is a swear word.

I've grown up though.

Old prejudices slowly disintegrating.

New comprehensions dawning.

It's cool. I guess the best things out of this are new friends. Being with new people. Learning, knowing and understanding new things. It's nice to give each other a chance.

So goodbye prejudice... hope you never come back.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Full Speed Ahead!!

Somehow I managed to get myself involved in theater stuff again. As if I havent had enough on my plate already. I'm holding two jobs, supposed to be doing my thesis and now I have to take care of a group of international students who are gonna act in a musical play (of all things!) at Istana Budaya. Not only that, the same play also wants me to act! (but as an extra only lorr...) I seriously don't know what have I gotten myself into!

My body has been screaming that I've been going at warp speed lately and today it refused to cooperate with me. So what did I do the whole day? Sleeping. God... what an embarassment. Yeap, I slept the whole day. Sorry Dr F. (Yeah... I kinda promised her that I'd do something for her but unfortunately I couldn't wake up at all this morning). Guess she wont be asking me any more favours after this. Hate letting people down.

I think I even got Sarah all worried. She thinks I'm pissed at her for something which I totally am not. God... I think I'm a workaholic. Or an aspiring one. I'll probably have zero social life when I actually have a permanent job. God... I hope not.

My body still refuses to cooperate with me. So I guess I better take this as a sign and lock myself in my room and start doing my proposal (OMG deadline is so close!!). All that other work can wait... I guess *biting nails*.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Wanna talk about having a crappy day? Don't... coz right now I wanna rant about a crappy week. A week of crappiness that surpasses all other crappy weeks of crappiness. I'm facing crap and I feel like crap and right now all I wanna do is beat the crap out of a person who gave my friend, whom I truly love and cherish, a whole load of crap.

My friend was raped.


If there was ever a time for me to truly hate men, this would definitely be it. Only a man can ever truly inflict this kind of pain to another human being. HOW CAN YOU RAPE PEOPLE!!?? HOW CAN YOU VIOLATE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!??

All I feel is anger. And helplessness. I can't do anything. I feel useless.I can't help her.

You know when they say that sometimes when something truly bad happens... it changes a person. Thats what happened. I have changed... But most importantly she has changed... I no longer her old self. She is right now a shell of the person that she used to be. I hate that man for making her like this. I hate him with with the very core of my being. And I swear that someday I shall bring him down.


"Hell hath no wrath than a woman scorned..."

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cruelty to Animals

What kind of people would do this to animals?


Sunday, July 01, 2007

N O means NO, Not YES

Which part of N and O spells out YES. Seriously... how dense can people get?!

Why is it with men and hard-to-get women? It's like a magnet reaction where men just can't resist. The attraction to hard-to-get women is so strong sometimes that even when women are not actually playing hard-to-get men can't seem to pull away. Seriously!*frustrated*

Trust me when I say that when most women say "I'm not in the mood" they really mean it. Therefore don't call, don't ask, beg, plead or sulk and just walk away. Coz when you do it'll be the smartest thing you'll ever do. If not women will get annoyed and when they are... Well let's just say it won't be pretty.

And you'll probably save yourself a whole lotta grace in front of the girl by not appearing weak either and on top of that actually comes off as understanding. Now ain't that a plus point for all you men out there. I mean we women do complain that men don't understand us. So even if you don't understand why we're not in the mood, just walk away and pretend that you do.

So I repeat my previous statement... sometimes a NO actually means NO. Figure out the subtle language of women and you'll be a better man for it.


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