Friday, June 25, 2004

What's up with you lah?

Don't you just hate it when people just get moody for no apparent reason. But don't you just hate it even more when they get moody for no apparent reason and when you ask them they just wont tell you what's bugging them and you end up feeling irritated and fed up with their attitude and not too mention ahealthy dose of guilt for feeling that way towards one of your friends. Yeap... this is what I getting right now. The silent treatment. I've always hated the silent treatment. It's the worst torture that someone could do to a friend or a loved one.

I've always been able to handle all kinds of emotions from people but guilt and silent treatment just doesn't go well with me. I seriously hate this feeling.

Anyhow, I wont give up. Maybe this gal really needs help and I just havent found the right way to approach her yet. But still it doesn't mean that I like being treated this way. Seriously being on the receiving end of a silent treatment sucks!

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