Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Results are finally out!! And I must say What a RELIEF!! I was really worried about my research methodology. I felt that didn't write a good enough paper for Dr. Subra and he is one of the toughest lecturers to score with. Luckily I managed to scrape through and I managed to bring up my CGPA a little. Yey! Thank you Dr. Subra. I wonder how Sheena did. Although she's my best friend and I love her and all but she's also my ultimate rival (in a good way of course!). So if you're reading this Sheena... be flattered because I hold you in the highest esteem :)

So now that results are out I dont have to worry anymore. Now I can just fret. Semester 1 is going to start soon so that means more classes and more work. *sigh* Oh well... I did put it upon myself. So bring it on! Next sem will be my final sem doing major extra curricular activities. I have to retire in sem 2 because I have to make sure that I get an award during graduation. That's my ultimate goal now. Something that I have to work for and dream about. Yeah! However I do hope that everyone who took sem 3 managed to get good results. I love the feeling of getting good grades when you least expect it.

On a more sombre note I just saw a crazy (gila) man walking down a pathway when he saw an empty paper cup lying on the sidewalk. Without hesitating he just took the cup and threw it in the nearest rubbish bin. His actions got me thinking... how many of us 'sane' people actually do that. Not many. Even I myself dont do that and yet this crazy homeless guy just did it without even thinking about it. It makes you wonder sometimes whether these insane people are really insane or not? Or are they just people sent down to send other people as a message that perhaps the things that we look down upon are probably much better than we expect it to be.

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