Monday, June 14, 2004

Liberation from 'P'

Finally after two long years I have transcended from a 'percubaan' to full license! Yey! I know that some of you might say 'why so lambat one?' well... let's just say a road full of 'lori balak' while I was just learning to drive threw me off driving for a while. Then during my second year of uni I just thought 'I really need a driver's license. I need FREEDOM!' Thus begins my journey with my driver's license.

So today is the day that I finally get my adult diver's license. Having a 'P' was cool and all but you just don't feel like you're there yet. But the cool thing about having a 'P' is that people gives you a lot of slack. They don't mind you doing a minor mistake or two because you haven't fully passed yet. So now that I have the full license I wont get that much slack anymore. Hmm, maybe getting of the 'P' is not a good idea after all, not that I make that much driving mistakes. Okay maybe just a little. But still the libertaion I felt when I had my full driver's license in my hands was exhilirating! I felt like I achieved something (it's not easy driving in KL). In fact I actually feel proud of myself :P

What bugs me though is that my mom still wont let me drive whenever we're on the road. She thinks I'm not competent enough. How am I supposed to get competent if she won't let me drive? Parents... they're a hard bunch to understand. I just hope that with my brand new license she'll finally let me drive. Tomorrow I shall finally officiate the first time use of my adult's driver's license. WooHoo! Hmmm... maybe I can take the WAJA out for a spin(oops... Don't tell my mom).

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