Thursday, June 24, 2004

Money... money... money

Why is it that people can be so kedekut with money? Why can't people just help us out a little? *sigh*

English Theater Week (ETW) is in 2 weeks time and I still need to raise money to ensure that the program is a success. By the looks of things I dont think that ETW is gonna be a success after all. My first time as a Program director and its goping to be a flop. What a blow that'll be on my ego.Its not that I have a huge ego or something but of course everyone would want the things that they're involved in to be great and since theater is my passion I want ETW to be something that everyone will remember. I feel so helpless right now.

It's sad to know that theater is a venture that most people would put their money on. Why? It's a booming business right now and even the Minister of arts and culture suggested that Malaysia is turned into a cultural country and not just a tourism country. So why people are still not interested in sponsoring? It's not that we're not giving anything in return. There's tax exemption and even publicity not to mention free tickets. Maybe to some it's not much but we're not asking for much either. I mean RM2000 ONLY what. *sigh*

Anyways, I wont give up just yet but I feel somewhat disheartened with the things that have happened so far. I'm glad that I'm surrounded by people who are willing to help and still have faith in me. That is the only thing that still gives me strength to go on (as corny as it sounds).

On a lighter note I just had a meeting with the cast and crews of my Midsummer team and I'm glad to say that I definitely picked the right people. Even Emirul my co-director said so. See... have faith in me laa! I love the group because everyone is such a fun bunch. So that's cool because I'm not in this to win but just to have fun. But winning will be great bonus! So I'm really looking forward to start practice. I'm in desperate need for fun. Go Catalysts!!

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