Sunday, June 13, 2004


I just got back from the worst day ever in my semester break. It was university registration day and ironically it wasn't even my registration but my sisters'. All i can say after going through that ordeal was What were they THINKING? It was chaos! I dont mean to brag or anything but UIA's little slipups during my own registration day is considered nothing when compared to what happened at USM (oops! I wasn't supposed to let that out actually). It didn't help much that the sun was scorching hot and the fact that the whole thing was doe out in the open hence the chaos. Why chaos? what do you expect when parent have free rein to accompany their kids every step of the registration process. It's even in the news where there's still people not satisfied with the course that they got so they used this opportunity to try and get information on how to fix this. As much as I sympathise with their plight but HELLO... there's like ten million people lining up in front of you in the hot sun!!

Zealous and over protective parents are one thing but the management itself is another. Management was all over the place and nothing was satisfactory and trust me I' not the only one grumbling. Again I must ask WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? People had to line up for hpours just to get a measly file and I know for a fact that it's not because there were to many people but they just didn't think to hand it out during registration. It was just a measly file! I practically fell asleep waiting for my sister to return and 2 hours of waiting for again - a measly file! Where was the free t-shirt that you always get during orientation? What about stationery and notebook? I even got myself a bag (although a nerdy one) in the process. To make matters even worse all the kids will have to get their own food during the entire orienation. Geez... I can just imagine 2000 students rushing to buy food in a teeny canteen in a matter of 2 hours. Nopt to mention rushing off to pray and perhaps a little snooze. I pity my sister. And thought my orientation was bad. I just hope she survives the ordeal.

All in all she's lucky though. USM looks like a cool place. Good location. Lush scenery. Plenty of people from different background and most importantly she got to do a course that she likes. Well... I'm glad that ordeal was over. I never want to go through that experience ever again! Thank god that Aimee (my youngest sister) is only thirteen.

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