Friday, June 25, 2004

I miss Sheena!

The first week of the semester has just officially ended and I must say that I'm quite relieved. I desperately need a time to relax and regain my strength before I really start cranking up my brain and start studying as well as working my ass of for theater club. I seriously think that I should get paid.

This is the first semester ever that Sheena and I finally break free from each other and start living our student life independantly. Our different interests have been too much of an obstacle for us to really hang out with each other and its already up to the point where Sheena has to keep everyone's daily class schedule just to know where everyone is. As much as I love being in the classes that I like and doing activities that I love, it can get rather lonely and I really miss my best friend. Unfortunately I'm also the type who is absolutely lazy to go to other people's rooms so that makes my time hanging out with Sheena even more limited. I guess I hafta start making regular walks to Maryam then.*sigh* All for the name of friendship. I'm just glad that at least I'm able to see my other friends on a regular basis since they're not as super busy as Sheena and I is.

Anyways, something happened today that was totally unexpected. I managed to have a little quality time with Kie. Woohoo! At first it was like usual where we started off talking about work related matters but the only difference about this time is that it was the first time we managed to talk to each other alone. I guess that really made all the difference :) Anyways we went on to talk about other stuff like music and I must say its nice although my knowledge about the music industry is rather limited and even more so in Metal which is his all time favourite. The only thing I could do was nod and look like I knew what he was talking about :P BUt it was nice talking to him and I really hope that I get more chances to talk to him and get to know him better. Maybe I'm wrong in my deduction of his mental depth. The only drawback to the moment was the other juniors watching and snickering at us from the other tables. It was really embarassing and I had hoped that this thing about Kie and I would be so hyped up. I guess the idea of a 4th year female student showing interest on a 1st year male student was too much scandal for any student to handle. I admit that if I were in their shoes I'd probably be as curious as they were.

But things are cool at the moment I can't say I can see anything yet. We might end up just being friends after all. But then again who knows...

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