Thursday, July 01, 2004


I know I shouldn't feel overjoyed and should maintain my cool but its hard for a passionate and emotional creature like me to keep cool. I am happy and overjoyed and I'll show it! Why am I feeling this way?It's because I've been asked OUT! YEY! Now don't begrudge me for my happiness! I know it's not such a big deal but for someone who is as picky as I am and who hasn't found the right guy to go out with for the past 1 year this is something major for me. And it's even a bigger bonus that the guy asking me out is quite a hottie! It's usually a guy that I'm never attracted to at all who would ask me out. But this time I've kinda hit gold!!

Ironically this guy is also younger than I am. (What is it with me and younger men?) He's the same age as the guy on whom I have a crush on. What's even more ironic is that they're friends. Not close friends but friendly enough to make me feel confused and somewhat guilty. Confused because I don't know what to do with the both of them and guilty because my crush already knows that I have a crush on him so it'll be weird if I suddenly go out with one of his friends. But a date with Matt is too much to resist! Not only is he kinda cute in a tall dark and handsome way but he has mental substance-a quality that I value highly in guys. He's also a gentleman-something that you dont find often these days especially in malay guys.

Most people would say that I shouyld just ditch my crush and go out with the other guy but then... I still have my ethics and my ego to think about. I dont want him thinking that I'm a player or something. Argh what to do!?!

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