Monday, June 21, 2004

First Day...

Today is the first day of the semester. I have yet to get to class because I decided to go to the lab first. Why? Because little absent-minded me forgot to take the diskett out of the computer at home and that particular diskett has all my class schedule and also the info on which class I should be at. AArrghh! So I have to come to the lab and check out my schedule online. Thanks God that everyone is busy doing add drop so the computers are rather free for my use. I pity these people who because doing add drop now is such a huge hassle. Thank God that I've never had this problem before unless you count the time hwen I was a still confused freshman. Even then there wasn't that much hassle.

But it's great to be back. I missed my friends but most of all I missed having something to do. But then... work hasn't snowballed yet and when it does I'll be the loudest one complaining. Even before the holidays was officially over yet there's already a call about meeting here and meeting there. Ack... is that an indication of how my new semester is going to be? What have I gotten myself into? Even my body knows in advance trhe stress that I'll have during this semester and it's already started rebelling. There's like a huge zit right in the middle of my forehead and no amount of concealer will be able to hide it. Agh... the agony of being a young adult. Still have to handle zits.

Anyways class is starting in a mo' so I gotta go. Journalism class. Woohoo! I've been waiting to take thius class. Pray to god that the lecturer is cool. Gotta go! Ciao!!

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