Friday, June 18, 2004

Back to school... *sigh*

Another two days left before holidays are officially over. I cant say that I'm jumping for joy at the thought of going back to campus but I'll be glad to finally have something to do for a change. Lazing all day can be fun the first two weeks or so but more than that I'll probably explode from boredom. I am just NOT the type to sit around with nothing to do. That is why sem 3 is a must for me. If not I'll go cuckoo. Luckily this time for the 1 month break, I had an ample supply of Japanese drama to help me pass the time and also a healthy dose of travelling.

Anyways, this sem will be my second last sem at UIA (I hope!) I'll be graduating soon and to tell you the truth it kinda saddens me. It makes me feel so old! I cant believe that I'll be graduating soon. Everyone else is like 1st year or second year while I'm in 4th year. Ack... I'm old!! But then again its cool getting all that awed look from the juniors. Makes you feel all high and mighty. Hehe! But what saddens me most is the fact that I might be leaving UIA soon. As unbelieveable as it sound but I love my life in UIA. It was here that I met all my friends, the ones that you'll wanna keep all your life. And its in UIA that I really learned a bunch of stuff and I dont mean just the lesson but about life as well. I hated my days in high scool. One because I hated science stream and two because I din't have much friends. Real friends whom I could confide in. But it's different in UIA. I love my course. I love the people but most of all I love my new friends. Some of them have been with me through thick and thin and these are the people that I'll hold on to all my life.

Another reason why graduation saddens me is that it is finally the time for us to step into the rweal world. Not a happy prospect I tell you. Right now we can still live in bliss considering that there's nothing much to worry about. No bills, no worries about getting fired and such. Ignorance is such bliss. Student life is bliss actually. But then everyone hafta face reality some day and for me it might be another year or so. It's really scary when I think about it. So I wont think about it lah. t I'm gonna take each day as it comes. If i do think about it I'll end up getting premature wrinkles and then I wouldn't just feel old but look old too. So now I'm gonna enjoy life to the fullest!! And of course live life so with no regrets!!

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