Friday, June 03, 2005

Traditionalist vs. Opportunist

What is going round in a guy's mind if a girl actually walks up to them and starts being friendly? (what I mean by friendly here is not the I-just-wanna-do-thing-with-you friendly but the usual kinds where you just wanna be friends type.) According to my guy friends the first thing that usually comes comes to mind is the fact this girls has guts which then leads to the (usually wrong) conclusion that the girls is fast, easy, social, etc. Why? Why? Why does it have to be that way?

It's okay for a guy to approach girls and get friendly but its not okay for girls to do that? What happened to women's liberation? And though it exists then why are there plenty of strong, gorgeous women still bound by this mentality? why? why?

Girls have every right to pursue happiness so if she spots a guy that catches her eye then why cant she go up to him and be friends? It's so unfair!

Maybe its due to the fact that men are very vain creaturess and when women go up to them they'll start to think that they're all that. Urgh! Seriously guys... sometimes you should look at yourselves in the mirror. And then all these 'perasan' guys will start to get all macho and think that they're irresistable and in turn they'll start thinking that maybe this girl wants something more than friendship. And so the vicious cycle continues.

As for me I just think that opportunities shouldn't be passed by and if there'ssomething or someone that you feel is right for you then go ahead and grab it. Life is too short. Live it or forever be in regret.

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