Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Average Joe

Hang in there Average Joe!!

I owe it extreme boredeom to actually find myself in front of the TV watching 'Average Joe', a dating reality TV show where Miss America or something gets to pick either an average Joe (common not-too-good-looking men) or some stud that the show provided for her. Last night was the grand finale where she had to choose between this sweet, short, average looking guy (see pic-left. He's better looking on TV) and a hunky, blonde, actor wannabe.

So as usual you know what happens. The actor wannabe was picked although he blatantly say to the girl that he hopes to launch an acting career from being in that TV show. Duh! How dumb can you get Miss America! And finally she got what she deserved bybeing rejected in the end by the very guy who she said 'I think you're the one' just because she used to date Fabio, the PLAYBOY that every mothers warns their kids about. The guys whose pictures appear on cheesy, erotic romance novels. The kinds that guys can easily get a hard on to by just reading the extremely graphic details. I guess the guy's insecurity just can let it pass that he would never measure up to Fabio's performance *winkwink* if you know what I mean.SO at the end of the show all she could say was 'Shame on me...' Well, shame on you then for making such a dumb choice.

Beauty vs Brains or Beauty vs Personality is an ongoing battle that is extremely one sided. Beauty always wins. Last night's show was proof enough. In fact the previous season of 'Average Joe' also came up with the same results. The beauty also picked another beauty. Even at the start of the this season Miss America was struck dumb when she saw all the average Joes lined up for her. Miss America thought that she was way too good for them (yeah sure the shows are scripted but these sentiments are usually true. Ask out any supermodels or gorgeous babes out there and you'll know what I mean). Now I know why I do NOT follow these kind of shows. They're insulting. I'm happily living in my world where only guys go for looks and now on national TV girls are proving themselves to be just as shallow.

So is there any hope at all for us girls who are a little low in the looks department but are high in personality. These kind of things do not help in my paranoia that someday some busty, bottle-blonde bombshell is gonna swoop down and grab my guy. Men and hormones. Does it mean that I hafta present myself in that way just to keep a guy? I dont think so. If a guy shows that looks plays a deciding role in a relationship then its 'Sayonara' baby. Guys like that aren't worth the fight. But if some barbie doll do try to steal your man... be prepare to fight to the death!

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