Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Easy money?

I know that I've been banging my head about finding a job lately so I guess I finally found something that's simple to do and I'll get paid for it. I checked the website and everything seems fine. This job (well not exactly a job) sounds way cool. Definitely something for students to do in their free time. Those who loves to surf the net (like me!) will definitely enjoy it. You can even do it while you're doing another job in the office or something which is definitely a plus for me since I have to spend from ( to 5 every day gawking at the computer screen. Might as well get paid for it. Though I'm quite convinced you guys should get some more info from this website. Signup is FREE. No strings attached and No obligations whatsoever. Check it out who knows maybe it'll be your calling. You guys can go through the link below or click on the ad that's just above the tagboard. Whichever suits ya...


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