Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Looking for a job... the bane of all graduates existance. It's the benchmark signaling that you're no longera carefree kid who could spend mommy and daddy's money anymore. Now you spend yours.

It probably wont be too bad if not for the fact that the country generates thousands of graduates each year and only a handful would go on building their own empire while the rest would just be satisfied in being a teeny weeny part of another empire. Myself included.

A society only produces a few Donald Trumps and Bill Gates every generation so that hundreds of thousand of people could work for these few gifted individuals. Sure these people would say that you hafta work for it and bla.. bla.. bla but you still have to have what it takes. A whole lotta luck.

In my case my dreams of actually having something to do during the intermission from undergrad to postgrad was brutally crushed by the news that the Unit does not take non-student working here. Sheesh... couldn't they just at least give an exception since I am technically still a student here. And it's only a matter of time that I'll be accepted back for postgrad. Sounds cocky? Well... you would be if you heard that even those with CGPA 2.4 is accepted for a Masters nowadays. Oh how the standards have fallen.

So everyday I go through the routine of checking jobstreet for a job and hopefully some employers would notice my resume and say... "wow! this is an outstanding gal. We must have her work with us!" But alas... that may only remain as a figment of my imagination. So hopeful work lined up 1) Freelance mystery shopper 2)Content writer. Other companies havent even viewed my resume so I'd say that they're not interested.

Oh what a materialistic world we live in now. We are governed by money! We work coz we need money... money and more money. I need money now to pay for my PTPTN.

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