Saturday, June 25, 2005

Old but alone?

Being old scares most people... I mean who'd want to be wrinkly, frail and with practically no energy even to move to the couch right in front of you. As for women being old means losing one's beauty and it might even mean losing the love of your life. So basically not a lot of people looks forward to getting old.

Losing the love of your life is hard enough but what about losing the love of your children. We hear stuff nowadays bout kids sending folks to the home and leaving them there to die.BUt is that much better than staying with your kids and having them scorn at you and hurting you with their words. I'd rather go to the home and live in pampered ignorance rather than put in the line of barb and scorn every single second.

People always say that they'll never ignore their old folks but how many actually put that to action and even if they do put it to action how many of them does it willingly? If the case was the latter then probably death is not a bad option after all for most folks.

Love your parents... they're the only ones that you have.

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