Friday, June 10, 2005

Slow down the pace! I can't keep up!

The world is revolving too fast and I am definitely havinga hard time trying to cope. Well actually I'm having a hard time procrastinating and trying to get stuff done at the same time. Oh hell... same difference. But THANK GOD that semantics final assignment is done so I can finally move on. Have I mentioned that I DO NOT like linguistics. I detest the subject. Imagine the joy that I'm feeling knowing that I'm finally leaving that behind me forever. Boo Yah! *dancing around like a mad women*

But one more hurdle to go until I'm free of my undergraduate bondage... my hafazan. Bleargh! UIA loves to 'menyusahkan' its students. Arabic la, tilawah la, ibadah camp la, usrah la... and now hafazan. So again... bleargh! And now that semantics is out of the way I have no more excuse but to actually start memorising. Waaa... I'm not good in that too.

Exams are next week and I am proud to say that I have not even started studying. Yeap... as always I am the procrastinator. Putting things to the very last minute. It worked so far so why not. I'll keep on doing it then :P

It's always at a time when you're at your busiest that things socially start looking up. Now Yuni manged to get some really good tickets to genting which includes board, rides and even transportation at sucha ridiculous price and she wants to go next week. Yeap exam week. Genting is also doing a promo for their 40th annioversary and their charging RM1 per room IF you manage to get up there on the 10th or the 11th to do your booking. How am I suppose to manage all that in a span of a few days AND study as well. *shaking head* Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma!

Ika is finally back from UK so I'm heading back to Maluri soon. Can't wait to taste all that good ZBritish chocolates. I can't remember how many cavities I had during my stay there. But hey... it was all worth it. The choccies are soooooo good (geez, and I question why I gained so much weight.)

Iskandar decided to do the disapearing trick again. Not sms-ing nor answering my calls. Maybe he read the blog about him, misunderstood it and ran away. If that really happened then there's only one thing I can say... SO PERASAN! Just for your info, DOY, I no longer have feelings for you. I am in love with my boyfriend MATT. And I know that it's gonna stay that way for a long time yet and probably (hopefully) until I die. So please... stop your perasan case!

Guys! Sheesh!

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