Wednesday, June 15, 2005


What do you do when you heart starts playing games with you?

A heart of rock can sometimes be shaken to its core by a mere amber that once burned with an intensity that can consume its vessel if not for the will of iron in which it is contained. Thus when there is nothing to burn the fire dies out. But sometimes when a fire is doused it does not go out completely. For a spark will always be left behind just waiting for the catalyst to ignite its fire once again.

But what do you do when it ignites within a crystal, an entity of purity, a place in which you are safe from all that is unpure, your home. It is a place of safety, protection and contentment. A place where fires are not supposed to rage. But the presence of flames excite you and somehow you are drawn to it. Your crystal is your sanctuary but the fire beckons.

Never is the time for recklessness. for only a fool would even think about playing with fire. The flame leaps and dance to seduce you but in the end it'll just burn you.

Your safe place is where you stay but the calmness and serenity will forever leave an emptiness inside you. Forever making you long and pine for the searing heat of the fire...

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