Sunday, February 27, 2005

Off center?

Last night I was enlightened by someone that a certain of mine could actually be suffering from extreme depression or better known as manic depression. Since the play 'Off Centre" that we were studying in class was about 'off centre' people so naturally the guy started to talk about the symptoms that one who suffered from this illness have. And suprisingly this friend of mine do portray most of the symptoms. And what struck me the most then was when the guy said that sometimes these people don't even realise that they suffer from the illness.

Damn! Quite scary huh? Sometimes I wonder whether I portray these symptoms too without me realising it. What I do know is that I have the tendency to talk to myself sometimes :P Yes... what a lonely and pityful life I lead. But I find talking to myself clears my head and it makes me think straight. Does that make me 'off centre'? Hmmm...

Neways today is the day of the date and I'm excited. So excited that I decided to some to work early but to find that Dr. Nora is on MC. So now I have to find time to kill time till 12. I can't stay here since I'm not doing anything. I'm mostly doing secretarial job nowadays since I'm done with Quality Quest. Maybe I'll go to the library and use the computers there. I hate wasting time but what to do. Malas nak ulang alik to my room.

There'll be a Study in Canada Fair on the 6th and 7th. I'm gonna check it out. It'll be cool to study in Canada. I really wanna have the experience of actually studying abroad. My childhood experiences don't count since I only followed my dad. If I get to go then it'll be an experience all on my own. That is so exciting!

Neways I have to ciao now. Don't want them to think that I'm yaking advantage of my position as a research assistant to misuse the office's net connection.

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