Thursday, February 17, 2005


I've been wasting my credit(well... not exactly wasting since it is for my education) since yesterday trying to find people who shares the same predicament as I am due to UIA and its friggin rules. You wanna know what predicament I'm in? Nothing disciplinary mind you but who knows maybe I'd just break a rule (yeah as if I havent done that before) just to be called in to Stadd. Build up my rep a bit. :)

But anyways back to my predicament. I'm supposed to be graduating in sem 3 and to do that I hafta complete 2 more subject which is arabic listening and semantics. Please don't ask me why I didn't take semantics earlier coz I've been getting that question all day and I'm sick of it. I didn't take it because... it didn't fit into my schedule. DUH! So the big prob was SEMANTICS was not offered. NO! I don't wanna waste another semester here just because of semantics.

What to do? what to do? what to do? Pre REG was at 5 and I hafta settle everything by then. Meet Subra, find and rally people to take semantics, persuade the department to open up a section. Now I wish that I was Wonder Woman or something. It's a drag that I end up sleepy every night by 10.30pm out of exhaustion. I hafta get my work done.

Luckily God still loves me. I remembered that a senior of mine wanted to take semantics so at least I'm not alone. Then she told me that her friend wanted to semantics too. Hope is rising steadily! Then Kaled said he wanted to take semantics too and so did Azanee. So now I have enough ammo to actually persuade (force is more like it) to open up a section. I just hope that wecan gather more people who'd actually make the group a little larger. I'm worried that they might close the section again.

So after all that worrying, discussion, rallying, going up and down the department everything is settled. Dr. Umar promised that he'll settle everything with Stadd and I hafta check out tommorrow whether the section is opened. Yey!! Oh and Thanks Sheens for registering for me. Love ya. Looking forward to Arabic listening with ya!

Now I'm just slightly nervous about Hungry Ghost makeup. Last time we just did it in a whole lotta rush. I knew some makeup sucked but I hope this time I can do better. I already did some sketches so I hope I just get enough time to do them. I'm so proud of my stranger. He looks so good on stage. He's so YUMMY!

However I was impressed with the whole presentation of the play. It was really good. Even I couldn't come up with an idea like that. Thumbs up for all involved. Anyways have to rush back. Need to start on my world lit assignment. Ack... AGONY!!!!

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