Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The past shall haunt you...

"The past shall return to haunt you." God! How true is that. I've never felt the true power of those words before this and now I'm on the receiving end of it.

I never knew the naivety and stupidity of a girl, fresh out of high school and never had a boyfriend before, would actually come back and taunt me. I call them my 'Blind Days'

I just didnt realise that I was in a snag that would eat me up alive for years afterwards. I was blind for actually falling for a guy like him and stupid for actually ignoring the warnings of my friends. Until that very day my eyes was finally wrenched open and at last I could finally free myself from his cluthes. I could see there and then who the guy really was... a lying, cheating (the girl dumped him though and to this very day this thought just fills me up with glee), and undoubtedly useless guy who probably went out with me just because I was stupid enough to lend him money (which he hasn't paid back yet). But still emotionally I was quite bound. He was my first boyfriend and you can never forget your first love.

Love? Yeah right! It was probably more of a relationship to fit in and be accepted more than anything else really but still... I was bound. I only managed to free myself completely after a rebound relationship which turned into a real one. And for that I have to thank the guy although it didn't work out in the end. Rebounds never do.

*sigh* I thought that this incident was over. I don't have to ever bother myself about that piece of crap anymore (boyfriend number 1). I was wrong. DEAD WRONG! Yeah I've been seeing him round campus lately since he has another girlfriend from UIA now. But we pretty much ignore eac other and go our seperate ways. Yes I loathe him and yes I wish to do him bodily harm but I didnt think that the girl that he's with would appreciate me beating him to a pulp or suddenly marching up to him demanding my money back. So since I left him alone the least he could do was leave me alone. After all this thing had happened years ago.

But no... I think he's determined to screw up my life. I see that there's vicious lies about spreading from his friends or it could be just one person or possibly it could be him. Too chicken to actually start a ruckus himself. Whoever that person is the rumours are vicious.

Then again, I'm not bothered for they are after all vicious lies and they have nothing against me. No proof, no conviction. Just spite and the need to create mayhem in someone else's life. Well... you can say whatever you want but they're nothing more than words that'll just disappear like smoke. So whoever is doing it don't waste your time. They're not gonna hurt me and I know those who have faith in me will ignore it too.

Thanks though to those who have stood up for me. Appreciate the thought. But those brainless numbskulls are just waiting for a reason to attack and I think the best way is to ignore them. They'll soon run out of steam and in the end they'll just look like a bunch of brainless idiots who have no life except trying to ridicule the girls who dumped them. And you wonder why these girls dumped them (please note the heavy sarcasm here!).

But seriously thanks a lot to those who backed me up whoever you are. But let's not stoop to their level. They're just scum that lives off the shit of animals like pigs and the dung beetle. As long as people like you guys are still around then nothing can hurt me.

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