Friday, February 25, 2005

The beauty of it all...

I've always liked Friday prayers although I don't go to them myself but I find myself enjoying the time during Friday prayers. Why?... for one thing the guys are so smartly dressed that it's just so hard to actually look away. Now would be the time when 'sampins' and 'songkets' all come out. Baju Melayu, jubah, kopiah, ties all being smartly clad by guys although you still have to put up with an eyesore or two with guys wearing complete rubbish to prayers. What the hell were they thinking wearing imprints of marijuana and words saying 'I'm a sex freak' to prayers. All I can say to that is Boy... you're dumb. You're supposed to salute God in that!

ANother reason why I like Friday prayers so much is that it brings out all sorts of people together. Walking past the Masjid during Friday Prayers is so cool. You'd get to see all sorts of nationality jumbled up togther and all sorts of national costumes in varying degrees of colours all moving in unison. It looks so peaceful but strong in a way. United. If only all Muslims were that way. The Masjid was definitely jam packed and there were people who were praying on the pavement outside the mosque. You pity them but somehow you salute them for actually doing it. No matter how late they are they still went for prayers. Gotta give them credit at least for that. There's still people who were openly not going to Friday Prayers.

Come on la People! It's like once a week. If you're like unwilling to hear the sermons just at least go for the prayers. You guys have that privilege. We women don't. There were guys just now who were still loitering around HS square even though the prayers have long started. Tak tahu Malu ke? Sedih! Sedih! What's even sadder is that they were Malays. Such an embarassment to the race.

Another reason why I love Friday prayers is that everything seems to be peaceful for a while coz all the guys are in the Masjid. Suddenly we have HS to ourselves and we can lepak however we want. I always feel that the world becomes quieter somehow and at times I wish that the prayers would be longer. Not that I don't like the guy's company but yeah... it'd be nice if they'd just leave for an hour or two so that us girls can enjoy.

Neways just got out from an interesting talk by Frank Lim this theatre guy and I am now definitely contemplating to stage Haresh Sharma's 'Off Centre'. That Play is so cool. I already have in mind what I wanna do with te sets and costumes and I already can picture several people playing parts already. All I need now is money! MONEY! MONEY!

I envy Singaporeans who get so much grants for arts. But then it's true what that guy said. Singapore is a country which is the size of a pinhead on the world's map so they can afford to support the arts. Not like Malaysia.

Takpe... takpe... I'll be the new revolutionary theater activist in Malaysia and someday I will conquer the theatre industry and then the world. MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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