Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I'm supposed to be in class right now but what the heck. I just don't feel like going today. Editing is interesting but with the wrong lecturer... erk!

It's kinda nice playing hooky once in a while (once in a while for me would be like-every other day:P). I'm getting kinda fed up with all this routineness. Get up... class... work... and back again. Urgh! Why lah something exciting don't happen to me!

Checked out Hungry Ghost rehearsals last nite. I must say that I've seen better management before. A friend of mine mentioned that some people are born actors while others are born managers (backstage, producer, office... and so on, so forth). Well... let's just say that I don't think the director is not a manager. I could be wrong since I only went to the rehearsals once but then again I think any experienced theatre enthusiast would probably agree with me. But to stick to my new motto 'Being POSITIVE', who knows maybe they'll buck up and give a fantastic show this coming Valentines although I have a teeny bit of doubt (Hey-I'm trying okay!) And although its cool to work with your friend because they're people who you're comfy with but professionalism should always be put in perspective here. Differentiate work from play and things will definitely look better. Anyways I just wanna say GAMBATE! to the crew and can't wait the performance.

During the rehearsal itself I saw more evidence on why most men are jerks (and this includes the love of my life too-at times). Why can't guys just treat us girls with a little more respect. And GIRLS... PLEASE... show yourself a little respect too. If you see yourself with a guy who hits on your best friend then dump him. He's definitely not worth the time and the effort. Every girl definitely deserve far better than an asshole like that (Especially if he's a downright weirdo who carries an umbrella around all the time like a walking stick). This jerkness is like innate. It happened so far back in history that somehow I think there's just no hope for MAN-kind anymore. It's even apparent in the epic of Ramayana & Sita which is the oldest surviving book in the entire world. Men is so boggling sometimes. No wonder Sheena actually turned prop-feminist. In a way I think she's probably doing the right thing.

But still... no matter how much you hate them, you just can't run away from them. As the saying goes 'can't live with them, can't live without them.'

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