Friday, February 18, 2005

We definitely need to work on our attitudes.

Finally a section for semantics is opened but somehow it clashes with my arabic listening. So I had to drop Arabic and now I can't get into another section since it's friggin full. I had to reserve but I have a feeling I have to do it manually anyways during sem 3. This really sucks. I hate UIA. I can't wait to graduate.

Last night was the final staging of 'Hungry' in UIA and I guess it was quite a success. Although it did not rival the success of Midsummer (1st staging) but they definitely came close (Nak menang jugak :P). Again I must say that I'm impressed with their creativity. That is one aspect that I dont think that I can rival. But sad to say that some actors became a bit overconfident a little too soon and their performance last night was not as impressive as the night before but all in all it was still a fun play to watch.

I had fun too since I got more time to do the makeup and need not rush through the whole thing. So most of them look better (or should I say horrible) and scarier than before. I'm especially proud of my makeup of Mug the monk. It was fun pouring 'sirap' all over his face. Fierah said that they had an offer to perform in UUM, all I can say to that is GO FOR IT! Although sadly I may not be around to actually help out anymore. UIA's theater scene has definitely taken a turn for the better. So watch out Malaysia! Here comes UIA's theater troupe. WooHoo!

Though I must say that management definitely needs to be a little bit more 'organised'. I know that somebody might say "Eleh, she's Matt's girlfriend so mesti she's been fed all this story by him." Well BULLSHIT to that. This is my own personal observation so if anybody have a problem with it come to me straight and don't aim it at anyone else but me. I have my own brains.

I just think that the director and the producer should at least learn to express gratitude to those who actually helped out although they're not directly in the committee. These people are helping out because they want to and because friends are involved. So it shouldn't be too hard for the director to actually come down from that 'high place' and say thanks now would it? Azreen and I helped out for the makeup and for me the gratitude and expressed by the cast and the other crews was the best thing that I could receive during the two nights. But I feel unwelcomed when the director totally ignores my presence and not even mutter a reluctant thanks afterwards. Although I have to thank Fierah for making me feel like a part of the team. Thanks a bunch Fie!!

I dunno... I have to admit that I miss being part of the action of a production. I miss feeling the pressure of opening night and the anxiety whether the audience would like the play. Kaled mentioned that he's gonna produce in sem 3. I'm already in it. Maybe acting maybe backstage but definitely a part of the team. Can't wait for that. I'll definitely miss being in uni. Saying that the idea of graduating feels so depressing. Ack! I don't wanna think about it. I'm confused!

Anyways... now I hafta overcome this laziness of mine and actually get started on my long overdue assignment of World lit. DEADLINE IS MONDAY! AAARRRGGGHHH! Why am I so malas?

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