Friday, December 03, 2004


I don't know what's happening to blogger account but this is the first time that I managed to actually get to post something after days of trying. So at last!!!

Just as I had predicted the first few days of classes was uneventful so I decided to make it eventful by going out. I guess I wasn't the only one with the same agenda as the public transportations going in and out of UIA were jam packed with students. I guess business was really slow for them during the break so now they have to work overtime.

You know it's really ironic that most people would use the time at home to groom themselves and and keep their appearance in tip top condition (excluding their weight because a whole month of lounging at home is definitely an invitation for extra weight gain:P) but in my case is the definite opposite. So here I am in the first few days of class and my eyebrows are all bushy, zits all over my face, weight gain (that goes without mention) and dry, cracked lips. In short I looked horrible!

So the first thing I had to take care off was definitely my eyebrows. It was taking over my entire face. So off I go to Bangsar with Azreen for our threading session. For those people who has never done threading, FYI it CAN hurt. So there I was at the mercy of the threader lady (is this right?) just to get myself a pair of neat even eyebrows. After the session was also a whole day of red, sore and swollen eyelids. But the results was definitely worth it. As for the rest of my grooming regiment, it was all done in the confines of my room and shall not be disclosed here;P

With my looks taken care off (Geez I sound so shallow here) the next thing on my agenda was of course hanging out with Matt. Although I hung out with him in Alor Setar but that doesn't count because family was present. And talking about family, I only told one person about my trip to Alor Setar and the next thing I know the news has spread and people were congratulating me about meeting the approval of Matt's parent (And NO... I didn't go to Matt's house for the approval of his parents, it was only a courtesy visit.) News do travel fast. Anyways back to hanging out... apparently a lot of couples had the same agenda too as HS was full of couples unleashing their month long deprivation of each other. I qoute Azhan Hadi "A month without seeing Aini (the girlfriend) is like a year..." AWWW! Isn't that so MUSHY!! Sweet but mushy.

It was kinda cool seeing the gang again as well seeing all the new faces joining the crowd. The new juniors are hard to miss what with their fresh, boyish faces and the girls going round with theri white tudung and matric cards. So skema. But from what I've seen the new BENL juniors seems okay so I'm looking forward to see how they're gonna turn out.

As for my classes... some has started while some havent. The ones that has started was all the tough classes. MSL, World Lit, Editing and Desktop (that seems to be bulk of my classes for the semester. Yikes!) One incident that I shall never forget is my war with the lecturer and the Communications department just so that I can stay in the Desktop computing class.

One thing that I do not understand is that did the department opened a class that only wanted 25 student max, for 50 openeing when they knew way earlier that there was only computers that can support 14 students. So now they have over students in the class so they automatically decided to delete the names of students that they think shouldn't take the class. That was so unfair. Now that was the decision of the department but the lecturer was a different matter altogether. A lot of students were determined to stay in the class so to discouraged students she actually threatened us to drop the class. She even ensured us that 80% of the class would get a 'C'. An who does she want to stay in that class? Boys! So 'GATAL'! Even for rescheduling the class she refuses to shift the class to 8am just because she says guys 'susah nak bangun'! The majority of the class are girls and all of the girls and even the boys can make it to the 8am session but no... she has to follow the boys. What is this lecturer up to? You want a class full of boys then you could always teach an all boys high school. I'm just glad that after all the hassle my name was mantained in the class list. So now I have to prepare myself to be taught under alecturer who is biased and determined to make as many of her student's lives as miserable as possible. I actually wondered is all my effort to stay in that class worth it? I hope so. Kaled suggested I write a novel about my experiences in that class after I graduate and call it 'The Survivor'. Come to think about it... it may be a good idea. I'll publish the book, dedicate it to her and send her one complimentary copy with my signature on it. Hahaha! I wonder what she'll say about that. I'll defnitely post more stuff about her and the class in the future.

So for this semester some classes would definitely be a challenge for me to score. I guess I'll just have to buck up and double my effort. Wish me luck!!

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