Sunday, December 12, 2004

Dedicated especially to Ika and Awin

I have this two annoying cousins right beside me(as I'm writing this) yang dua-dua giler glamer nak mampos!!! Their request was to see their name in every sentence and after every full stop. What lah you guys!! This is what happens when three girls get together for the weekend and have nothing else to do. Before that we were occupied with this idiotic game "American Idol" in which I had the stupidity of buying. But then again this is wat you get if you do want to think and have it easy when playing a game.

Guess what they're doing now. Awin is giving Ika a back rub and if Ika's boyfriend could see hernow I don't know wether he'd die of laughter or embarassment. Thank god now they've calmd down and are watching (of all things!) Judge Dredd.

I'm in Cheras at the mo in the company of these two clowns coz mom is right here in KL for her 40 year high school reunion. Dayyum! I wonder how they're all feeling. One of the programmes lined up is a photo viewing of them in the old days. The days when mini skirts were the in thin and nobody wouldn't be caught dead in a tudung. The 'Jahil' days as my mom called them. If you were to look at her now you'd never believe that she has ever worn a tube top and a micro mini.

Neways I'm kinda frustrated coz PC fair is on and yet I have absolutely no money at all to buy stuff that I want which is a DVD drive. Prices were at rock bottom and I hate the fact that I can't take advantage of it. Aaarrrggghhh! When is UIA gonna give us our money. I NEEDMY MONEY!!! Please god... let D. Nora call me back to work on Quality Quest. I really need the extra cash.

If any of you guys plan towatch Rhinocerous... I just wanna warn you guys that that play is morbid. No other word can describe it better than that. Imagine a world where all of mankind turned to rhinocerous (hence the title of the play, duh!). Sheena and Azreen actually got headaches affter the show coz they wer thinking too hard. As for me...I was watching the play but my mind was only 80% on the play but the other 20% was busy concentrating on Matt. He was GORGEOUS that night in a shirt and tie. Not too mention smelling divine. I think I should ban him from wearing a shirt and tie in front of me from now on. But back tothe play, overall it was a good play.Good acting although there were technical slipups that pro actors should not be doing at all. But the acting was good. In fact they were so into their characters that one of the set nearly fell. Shep being the stage manager was frantic in case that thing really fell.Now that's something to see. Imagine the set toppling down on a performanc night. The theater production will never live it down.

This is a long update since I haven't been able to log on in UIA at all. UIA server sucks. It is the epitome of slowness. I'm frustrated that I can't log on often but I have too much free time on my hands and plenty of thing to write about.*Sigh* I guess I have to be conent that at least UIA have internet. If not I'll surely die!

Anyways, it's already 4.30am and I'm pooped. Those two girls really wore me out not too mention a whole afternoon of playing with Ciku. That boy is gonna grow up and break a lot of girl's hearts. He'sgetting more and more handsome by the day and he's only a year and 5 months old. May god save the female KL population!

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