Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Woe is me...

I have failed in making my name in the one thing that I really like to do. I have failed to win for the best makeup category for Asma' open day. Waaaah! So sad. I lost to Kak Niza aka Hermia so at least I'm not too bothered. Matt was'nt making me feel any better. He says if Kak Niza was in the running then I'll never win. Humph! I'll show them.

Yeah... yeah... I know that I sound like a whiny shallow retard here but I was really hoping for that prize (althoug it was only a body lotion which I never use anyway). I guess what I really wanted was the recognition of my work. Makeup is a passion of mine. It's something that I love to do. But I guess I'm just not good enough yet to actually warrant a prize. *sigh*

But at least people were happy on how I mede up Kak As. She actually got third place in the Miss Asma' pageant. And the last Inter Mahallah Fashion Show the model that I made up won 2nd place. Perhaps the problem is just me. I can't do good makeup on myself. I can only do it on others. Hmm... definitely something to ponder about.

Another outcome of Asma' open day was food poisoning. Yeap I ended up with diarhorhea and nausea. Thank God I decided to 'puasa' if not I'll probably be weak from running to and fro the bathroom every few seconds. Even Deeja got it too so I know it was definitely the food served. That night well dressed ladies can prove to the world that they too can be rampaging hogs who go wild at the sight and smell of food especially if it's free. I wasn't in the mood to be part of the food rush (I'm definitely a lady, kan Matt?) so I only ended up with a plate of nasi himpit and kuah kacang while others were gorging away on barbequed chicken, hotdogs and mee sup. It wasn't a lucky night for me since the only thing I ate was what gave me food poisoning. 'Oh! Woe is me!'

But everything's cool. I can't wait for ELC's AGM slash post Raya bash. It'll be my last bash here in UIA so I hope it'll be as happening as it was last year. Gotta make way to the juniors now. Hope they do a good job at keeping ELC alive.

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