Thursday, December 16, 2004

At last...

I don't know how long I'm gonna bitch about blogger but I'm gonna keep bitching till blogger turns ok. WHY!? WHY? WHY must blogger be faulty now? Not at the time when I have no classes to go to and nothing much to do. Aaarrrgggh this is so frustrating.

I've found a new way to let out my frustrations now. By playing 'AMerican Idol'! Yeap, it's the same game that I deemed lame earlier on. Who could've thought that'll it'll be so much fun. I damn sure that last night plenty of asma' residents were in agony hearing me, and Yana singing at the top of our lungs to Gloria Gaynor's 'I will survive'. That song will definitely be the top and formost fave for any karaoke lovers. So why did I deem it lame before? I guess when singing comes into the picture and when done with friends... anything dumb can actually get interesting. Next time I'm gonna force Ika and Awin to belt out to one of the American Idol's tunes.

With all this free time that I'm having in-between anad after classes I've managed to catch up on some gossips and news from old and never ever forgotten friends. One of those people is KAled. It's been like forever since I last sat down in HS with him and really chatted. I've actually forgotten just how much I like the guy and how sweet he can be sometimes. Some people might point out that we're sharing classes and such but it's not the same like hanging out doing nothing in particular. I missed the times when I'd hang out with Kaled and Azman and occasionally the Boabarb (ugh!). But now everyone seems to have drifted apart. Or mellowed somewhat in their friendship. I even notice this in my friendship with Sheena. I still love her to bits though. It's just that it's not like what it used to be and in a way that saddens me.

Anyways back to Kaled, we chatted about stuff, life, class and whatnot when finally he revealed something that I've suspected for a while now. He still likes Deela. It shows in the way that he enquires about her and the way that they just can't get along together despite the fact that Deela is now happy with Is. I don't know what went on in their relationship but it's obvious that both suffered in one way or another. Which is such a shame really since we were all rather close before this. But what's done is done and you just have to move on with your life. But now I feel somewhat guilty for being all lovey dovey with Matt in front of him. Afterwards when he left he sent a message which really touched my heart.

"U know Shan, from da 1st person dat told me u hav feelings 4 him, until u old me urself just now dat u love him, I always pray dat u'll never feel grievience like I felt. Wish u all da best with him."

I wish that someday Kaled will find someone who'll be just right for him He's a nice guy and it sucks that he has to go through what he went through with Deela.

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