Thursday, December 16, 2004

If things were put in our hands I bet that HS would be buzzing about the news of how 6 BENL girls beating up a LAW girl. The reason? She stole a script.

Sure it might sounds trivial but this is a matter of pride. For someone who's taking law she should know the meaning of copyright laws and of course understand the basic decency of asking whether that script will be used or not rather than taking the script and using it to get a name for herself. She should've thought twice about messing with us BENL girls. I thought law students should be meticulous and always checks up on a detail before making any moves on whatever info that they have. If not then they'd be horrible lawyers. It goes to show just how good that girl is gonna be someday. No offence for any law students out there.

It must have been one scene last night when the 6 of us confronted the girl for stealing our script. Imagine opening the door and seeing 6 girls all serious with various 'otai' poses (Ainul definitely no. 1 on the list-RESPECT). Come to think of it, it's rather hilarious. From my point of view that is. Although I was still blur of what was going on that night but I decided to hang around out of curiosity.

Luckily for the girl everything went well. The girl decided to give back the script and now has to revert back to their old lame script. What boggles me the most is that they planned to use a script which was meant for theater to do a pantomime. HELLO! Pantomime has no script. No dialogue. Just movement. So why use a drama script? Malas sangat!

Now it has become a personal challenge for all of us to actually win. Just to spite her. HeeHee! Sweet revenge. Like they say "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

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