Wednesday, December 29, 2004


The ELC AGM went really well despite the my very shitty day. I guess Everyone had fun and it did take my mind off things. And as usual BENL students shall always be associated with being loud. Sorry ye Pak Imam!

For everyone who's pic were taken that night by none other than myself the pics aren't ready yet. There's some technical probs at the host which I'm placing the pics so be patient ya. I'll inform you guys when it's all up.

Congrats to the new mainboard of ELC.

President - Farid Nazman

Vice - Yan

Treasurer - Nik

V. Treasurer - Dudy

I wonder who they'll pick as secretary? Anyways, I hope with the new team the club won't be as dead as it has been. Gambate ne!

Sao's band

Br. Shamsul enjoying himself

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