Saturday, December 04, 2004

Fix the problem damn it!

Blogger is still having problems with their systems and its taking them ages to get these thing fixed. Fix the problem damn it! I need my release in blogs!!

Today was the first day of the infamous DESKTOP COMPUTING class. Yeap... with the boy crazy lecturer. Again she showed to the world her preference towards boys by asking us girls to drop the class. Come on Lady! By saying that only boys are good in graphic design you're definitely sending us women back to the stone age. It's not that I'm a feminist or anything but girls nowadays are as good as boys in most things and even better than boys in other things. But with that way of thinking that lecturer should be transported back to the stone age. I was selected as the assistant class rep by the way. I dunno why I always get myself into these predicaments.

Besides the lecturer the class was definitely as cool as I had expected it. This is the first class that really challenges me and somehow I am now more intent than ever to score. No matter what that psycho lecturer says. I just wish I don't have to lug the laptop around to class because it is so damn heavy. I'd better find a way to lighten the load. If not by the end of the semster my shoulder would be at my waists.

I kinda pity the other students who are looking for textbooks for the class though. They definitely wont find anymore books at the library after this. I think they're all checked out after Da'oh took out 18 books. Just because of that psycho lecturer. I seriously think that Kaleds idea about writing that book is something to ponder about.

Tonight is theater club AGM so I wonder how that is gonna turn out. I hope Apek steps down. Tasnim should be the president because he shows more enthusiasm in it than Apek does. Oh well... I'm graduating so I know I won't be getting any posts. I'm content by just being the makeup artist. Which reminds me, I'm the official makeup artist for Asma in the Inter Mahallah Cultural Week. Woohooo! That'll definitely be fun. I can't wait.

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