Friday, December 17, 2004

ELC's AGM, Post-Raya, Pre-New Year Gathering.

Hey beautiful people!

English Literature Club (ELC) will be organising their yearly AGM & Raya Gath this (hopefully) Tuesday, 28th December. Everyone including non BENL students are invited but it's compulsory for all BENL students since the future leaders of ELC will be elected (We all senior already-need to retire lor!).

There'll be food, entertainment, and fantastic people. There'll be a charge of RM4 but what's that compared to all the fun that you'll be having that night.

Tell your friends, better yet bring them along. Any enquiries just ask any of the ELC mainboards like Is, Fasyu, Farid, Kaled, SaO, Midge, Sheena and of course myself.

One more thing... attire is your Raya costumes. Look your best because who knows you might be picked as the King or Queen of the night.

Ciao People. See U at the Gathering!

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