Friday, April 22, 2005

Surgery time

It's confirmed... AGAIN... I have another lump in my chest and this time the doctor have advised me to take it out. As in go for surgery. Yeap another humiliating ordeal I have to go through just to have some peace of mind that I don't have an unidentified foreign object in my own chest.

The question would be why are most of the doctors that deals with ladies' private anatomy are male? Why must we ladies endure the humiliating probing and prodding of a man just to confirm that what I have is an actual lump and whether its serious enough to be removed.

I dont find myself dreading surgery since I know I'll be unconscious most of the time but the thought of having the doctors check up on me is never something that I look forward to (I'll be a sick pervert if I did).

Just a warning to all girls out there... Never ever go to see a doctor alone. No matter how kind the doctors are nowadays never ever trust them. Always have someone with you. I was so glad that everytime I did a checkup a nurse was always there so in a way I was comforted. And another thing... its advisable to check ur self once in a while. The last time this happened to me was 9 years ago and I've been scared ever since to check myself and then when I did have the courage to do it... the lump is now as big as a ping pong ball. Sometimes these self checks may even save your life.

So now... all I have to look forward to is the surgery itself. Still not confirmed since UIA is always vague about their schedule but I'm glad that my doctor is willing to put me first and let me have the surgery anytime I want as long as it's before July. Boy... what a way to celebrate my final semester as an undergraduate.

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