Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Results are out... finally. After a long day of trying to get through IIU's shitty server I only managed it at 1am when the time scheduled was 4.30pm. What the fcuk?!! (this is deliberate) UIA really hafta get their act together. And you call yourself an international university. Why of all days it has to be the day when our results come out. Excuses like oh it must be jammed coz there's too many trying to get online is just bullshit coz at other times it happens too.

But anyhow... got my results. Can't say I was too happy but can't say that I'm too disappointed either. But... I'm ECSTATIC because I got B+ in Arabic and trust me that is no easy feat. WOOHOO!

On the other hand editing was a bummer. What did I do to deserve a mere B? I think the lecturer hates me. He gives A's, A minuses and B+'s to nearly everybody but me. Why? Why? Why? Yeah I may sound like an ungrateful brat right now but seriously when I have no money to further my education... B is not an option. Everybody wants perfection nowadays.

So now just another two more subjects to go. Another Arabic (listening this time) and semantics. Why lah I have to leave a subject that I'm most likely to hate the very last. Talk about planning. Sheesh! I suck at it. The only thing I'm looking forward to is the fact that Matt is taking it with me. I never shared a class with a boyfriend before. I wonder how it's like?

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