Monday, April 25, 2005

Back in campus...

I'll be back in campus in around 5 hours or so and that will be the last couple of months in which I'm an under graduate. *sigh* I just don't think I'm ready to make the transition just yet. I'm still a little kid!!

Other than that I'm pretty excited to be back. I miss my friends... I miss having work and I miss Matt. But I'll definitely miss the unlimited time usage of the internet at home since UIA have lousy schedule for lab usage and absurdly limited terminals for in comparison to thye students' capacity. So for the next couple of months my blogs will be few in between.

I miss my mum *sob* Wish she was here to send me off *sob*

Oh well... Got to make sure the house is all secured before I leave. My bus is leaving in 2 hours so I gotta ready. Over and Out!

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